Family Teaching Program

As a part of the Child Life Program, the Family Teaching Program helps prepare parents and children for upcoming surgery. The program educates pediatric patients and their families on what to bring to the hospital on the day of surgery, what will happen when he or she arrives and ease the stress of the surgical experience.

Please contact us at (732) 418-8045 for more information about our Family Teaching Program.

  • Who should attend the Family Teaching Program?

    Any child having surgery at the Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital, along with his or her parent is welcome to attend the Family Teaching Program prior to the day of surgery. Patients and families having surgery at the hospital are encouraged to attend a pre-operative teaching session.
  • What will we learn?

    We teach your child about what to bring to the hospital on the day of surgery and what will happen when he or she arrives. Children learn about their surgery and hospital stay through age-appropriate hand-on activities and medical play.

    Child Life Specialists use hands-on teaching tools, real monitors and medical equipment, to teach the child about his or her surgery, what is going to happen in the operating room and what to expect during the entire hospital stay.

    We also prepare your child for going off to sleep before the surgery, and what will happen when he or she wakes up. Teaching sessions allow time for questions and a lot of hands-on learning.

    Patients and families also have the opportunity to take a tour of the pre-operative area and the recovery room.

  • Why should I attend a teaching session with my child?

    We have found that patients and parents who attend our sessions are much better prepared for what to expect on the day of surgery. Children know what will happen when they arrive at the hospital and this knowledge helps take away some of the fear of the unknown on the day of surgery. Each session is designed to specifically meet your child’s individual needs and ease the fears of his/her upcoming surgical experience.

    Parents have told us that they also felt more comfortable knowing what to expect on the day of surgery and were better able to help their children because they had an answer to their child’s questions. Many of the parents who have attended classes have recommended it to other parents.

  • When are the teaching sessions held?

    Classes are held Saturday – 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

    If you are unable to attend during these times let us know so we can try and make other arrangements. Classes are designed to meet your child’s individual needs, so in order to ensure the best experience, please call to schedule an appointment in advance.

  • Where are the classes held?

    Classes take place in the Family Resource Center, located on the first floor of The Bristol-Myers Squibb Children’s Hospital.
  • How do I make an appointment for a class?

    Call (732) 418-8045 for an appointment.
  • Is there a fee for the class?

    No, the classes are free of charge.
  • What if I cannot attend a class?

    If you are unable to attend a teaching session but would like help preparing your child or having any of your questions answered, call the family teaching program and leave a message. One of our child life specialists will call you back.
  • Can I go with my child into the operating room?

    We understand that you, as a parent, are the greatest source of comfort to your child. That is why our program gives you the opportunity to be with your child in the operating room for the beginning of anesthesia. This is available with approval from your child’s surgeon and anesthesiologist.

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