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Our Journey to Zero Harm: Every Zero Matters

Quality, service, and safety are our top priorities at BMSCH. Our staff is constantly working on an array of quality projects to ensure that we are meeting the complex needs of your child and your family. In order to improve the care that we provide, we continuously track our outcomes, which demonstrates our dedication for delivering the highest quality care. Our commitment to zero harm permeates our organization, and the benefits are experienced each and every day by our patients and their families.

BMSCH is Leading the Way to Health

What sets BMSCH apart from other children’s hospitals? What we are doing on our journey to zero harm:

  • Providing regular quality, service, and safety education modules for all of our employees
  • Improving the safety of our programs in collaboration with physicians, fellows, residents, nurses, and staff
  • Using children’s hospital best practices to ensure that our patients and their families receive the highest quality care
  • Measuring our activities and outcomes so we can track our progress and report our results
  • Ensuring a smooth transition from pediatric to adult care

Quality Initiatives