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Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Launches Innovation Center

The Center for Innovation provides an integrated platform for experts in cardiovascular sciences, imaging and engineering to collaborate in the development, translation and clinical implementation of cutting-edge technologies. The overarching aim is to drive the adoption of innovative digital health solutions and diagnostic tools to reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease in the community. The center's focus is on developing partnerships and affiliations with other leading high-quality healthcare organizations and industry participants to develop a unique ‘industry-academia’ collaboration with a focus on digital heath solutions, imaging and therapies that foster implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled care.

The center was designed by the Cardiovascular Services team in partnership with Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, and is available for use by all disciplines.

Our Mission: Embrace digitization to enable the future of sustainable and personalized healthcare in Cardiovascular services by equalizing the relationship between medical professionals and patients, and by providing more affordable, cheaper, faster, and more effective solutions towards early prediction, prevention, and treatment of diseases.

Focus Areas

  • Advancing Clinical Knowledge at the Point of Care using AI and machine learning techniques to address unmet medical/clinical needs by reducing time to diagnosis, and improving clinical decision-making workflows to predict, prevent and cure diseases.
  • Develop Cardiac Digital Twins using imaging, modeling, holographic displays and 3D printing approaches to test and simulate the effects of treatments/therapies, surgical planning and other interventions and help improve patient care.
  • Informatics for Precision Medicine to enable deeper understanding of cardiovascular health and disease and to translate information into effective prevention and treatment strategies at an individual level.
  • mHealth technologies, wearables & sensor-based Devices to empower patients to take control of their health and make more informed decisions and make them the point of care.
  • Robotic technologies to enable and promote a high level of patient care, increase automation, drive efficiencies, and solve some of the greatest healthcare challenges to create safe work environment and improved satisfaction for both patients and healthcare workers.
  • Develop and Implement Virtual/Augmented Reality applications in cardiovascular care to assist interventionalists for pre-/intra-procedural guidance, advanced visualization of medical images, to enable clinical & medical immersion of patients.
  • Synthetic Health Data Generation to increase diversity in datasets and to increase the robustness and adaptability of AI models for complex care use cases in cardiology, that focus on the effectiveness of prevention, treatment options and patient-centered outcomes. This will also be foundational to support future applications of machine learning and AI to health, healthcare, and clinical trials.
  • Discovery to Commercialization Healthcare Launchpad serving as an incubator across innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, and industry partners to transform discoveries into products with commercialization potential.

Clinical Trials

Active Studies:

  • Biofourmis LogoBiofourmis - Artificial Intelligence Mobile Health Trial of A Digital Platform To Optimize GDMT Using Wearable Sensors

A list of other clinical trials, sponsored research and collaborations that are in the process of initialization are as follows:

  • Impact Assessment of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Bedside Ultrasound as a New Standard of Care for early diagnosis and management of acute Congestive Heart Failure : A Quality Improvement Initiative (Sponsor: Butterfly Network LLC)
  • Impact Assessment of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Ultrasound as a New Standard of Care for Acute Coronary Syndrome Evaluation: A Quality Improvement Initiative. (sponsor: Butterfly Network LLC)
  • Clinical Correlation of Cardiovascular Mechanical and Electrical Properties with Infrasonic Hemodynography waveforms (Sponsored by Mindmics LLC)
  • Prospective Evaluation Analysis and Kinetics of IV Sotalol (PEAKS Registry) (Sponsor: University of Utah)
  • Analysis of Echocardiographic Data for MyoVista wavECG Clinical Evaluation (Sponsor: HeartSCiences LLC)
  • REACT – AF: Rhythm Evaluation for Anticoagulation with Continuous moniToring of Atrial Fibrillation (Sponsor: National Institute of Health)

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