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Why Choose One Source EAP

At RWJBH One Source Employee Assistance Program (EAP), we know you have options for EAP providers. One Source (EAP) has provided exceptional employee assistance services to public and private companies of all sizes since 1980. Our clients rely on our services to increase employee productivity, efficiency and morale and to decrease absenteeism, disability claims and use of health care benefits. Our satisfaction surveys show that over 95% of our clients are satisfied with benefits they receive from our services.

What Sets Us Apart

Employee Assistance is our only business!

Not only do we provide counseling and crisis intervention for your employees, we also offer expert supervisor coaching, performance management and high-level workplace support, such as critical incident stress debriefings, seminars and workshops on stress management, health and addiction, work-life skills, family issues and much more.

For more information about why a stand-alone Employee Assistance Program is an important consideration, read the blog by Workplace Consultant, Lesley Miller.

Our Access Center Specialists are trained clinicians, not just customer service representatives.

When an employee calls into our Access Center, they speak to a trained clinician every time. Our Access Center Specialists are professionally trained to assess each caller. They insure callers are safe and receive the appropriate level of care. Should an individual require assistance making a timely appointment, our EAP and Access Center staff is happy to help.

Our Access Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

One Source covers all your employees and their families. not just those that participate in other health insurance benefits you may offer. Knowing they have an EAP provides peace of mind that services are a phone call away should they need it.

We strive to resolve your employees’ issues within the framework of the EAP.

We work with you to structure an Employee Assistance Program to fit your industry, company specific risk profile and needs. This ensures your program is designed to resolve most issues within the framework of the EAP to reduce the cost, for both you and your employees, of involving a behavioral health insurance carrier.

One Source EAP works with you to actively promote the EAP.

We WANT your employees to be aware and understand their EAP benefit and reach out to us if they are experiencing a problem. As such, your Personal Account Manager will work with you to provide onboarding sessions and ongoing Marketing materials to ensure awareness of the EAP benefit among your employees. We will also participate in Health and Benefit fairs as you see fit. In addition, your Personal Account Manager will consult with you to schedule seminars and workshops to address any areas of concern.

One Source actively works with you to customize services to fit your needs.

Our services are never one size fits all. We strive to understand your business and industry and customize our services to meet your specific needs; from customized seminars focused on a topic specific to your company or a workgroup within your organization to Critical Incident Stress Debriefings at specific times to accommodate your staff schedules. Our priority is your employees and your company.

Our provider network is continually expanding to meet the current and future needs of our clients.

Our robust, nation-wide provider network is continually evolving to ensure that employees from all our client companies have access to professional care wherever they live and work. We also recognize that children of employees may require assistance while away at college. As such, we are constantly adding providers to fill gaps or reinforce areas where demand is high.

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One Source Employee Assistance Program

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Patient Stories

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