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One Source EAP believes early identification and prevention are the best ways to help Employees and Management Teams achieve success in all facets of work and life. We work with our clients to deliver a wide variety of seminars and workshops to address specific concerns within the organization. Together, we can help you maintain a caring and informed culture within your business.

A few of our most popular seminar offerings are as follows:

Stress Management Programs

  • Coping with Change
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management

Health and Addiction

  • Reasonable Suspicion: Recognizing Signs and Symptoms of Substance Abuse
  • Disease and Prevention
  • Concepts of Addiction Smoking Cessation

Work Skills

  • Conflict Resolution
  • Assertiveness, Communications and Work
  • Team building
  • Effective Communications

Family Issues

  • Parenting Program
  • Youth and Teens at Risk
  • Domestic Violence

This is just a representative sample of the seminars and workshops we offer. Contact us so we can work with you to customize programs to suit your business needs.

One Source Employee Assistance Program

Patient Stories

  • “We would highly recommend working with the EAP to improve dynamics on your team, provide support to leaders and team members that may be struggling.”

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Patient Stories

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