Childbirth Education

undefinedThe Women’s Health Education Program encompasses all prenatal childbirth preparation classes. In addition, seminars on women’s health issues are offered through this department. The department, has an extensive array of services and programs to meet community needs. Please call 973-322-5360 for more information.

To register for any of the Women's Health Education/Parent Education Classes, please complete this registration form (PDF) and mail it along with a check made payable to the address below. Or, you may pay by credit card and fax the form to 973-322-9784.

Saint Barnabas Medical Center
Women’s Health Education Program
94 Old Short Hills Road
Livingston, NJ 07039

In addition, you may register directly online for Maternity Orientation and Tour, Siblings Class, and Grandparenting.

Birth Talk

This free one-on-one consultation with the Director of Women’s Health/Parent Education and one of our childbirth educators is available by phone or in-person. For couples that are planning a pregnancy at Saint Barnabas Medical Center or are in the early weeks of pregnancy, Birth Talk offers an opportunity to discuss their personalized birth preferences and get assistance in making decisions that fit their individual needs or birth plan. To learn more or schedule a consultation, please call 973-322-5360.

Breastfeeding Basics Class

This workshop helps you achieve the confidence and information you need for a satisfying nursing experience. Topics include: establishing and maintaining milk supply; newborn’s feeding patterns; practical feeding techniques and other feeding concerns; and returning to work.

Prepared Childbirth

All first-time expectant parents should take this series.

For your convenience, choose either a weeknight series or a condensed weekend class.

In addition to a labor room visit, the series will provide you with information about:

  • Preparation (helpful breathing patterns, labor coping skills, pushing positions, relaxation techniques)
  • Medication and anesthesia
  • Cesarean birth
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Newborn baby care (available through the weeknight series)

At Home Learning

Sometimes busy schedules or long commutes make it difficult to attend Prepared Childbirth classes. For those couples, plus women confined to bed rest, we offer an at home learning package. The package includes: a Childbirth Preparation DVD, a Newborn Baby Care DVD, Prepared Childbirth Class handouts and information, telephone consultation time with a childbirth educator if desired, and hospital Maternity Services Information or in-hospital orientation. Call the Women’s Health Education Office to arrange payment and delivery of package.

Relaxing Birth Class

This mini-workshop is designed specifically for those who plan to use the Natural Birthing Process. Non-pharmacological coping skills, birthing ball, water therapy and other holistic modalities will be covered. A previous Childbirth Preparation class and approval from your obstetrician to use the Natural Birthing Process are required to take this class.

Sibling Class

The Siblings Class is offered every other month and designed to promote a good feeling about the hospital and provide children with realistic expectations of newborn babies. Families, especially those expecting their second child, are encouraged to attend a Siblings Class a month or two before the birth of their new baby. It is intended for children 3 years of age and older (parents must attend with child). For class dates and online reservations, please visit our online calendar.

Marvelous Multiples

This course curriculum is designed to educate parents expecting multiples on all aspects of their unique pregnancies, birthing experiences and parenting more than one child. Discussion topics include: prenatal care; labor and delivery; cesarean section information; emotional aspects of multiple pregnancy; orientation of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Labor and Delivery Unit; adjustment to home life; and baby care basics.


Grandparents-to-be can discuss their concerns and receive current information on: Importance of grandparenting; Advancements in childbirth; Trends and changes in infant care; and Family communication.

Adoptive Parents Baby Care Consultations

This service is available for parents who want one-on-one demonstrations and discussion of baby care techniques.

Cord Blood Banking Program

These days, many parents-to-be are choosing to save their baby’s cord blood for the valuable and therapeutic stem cells it contains. Saint Barnabas offers access to the most complete cord blood banking service available, to help best prepare families for the future. Included are options to bank either cord blood alone or to maximize the number of stem cells banked by collecting placental stem cells as well. For more information, please call LifebankUSA at 1-877-LIFEBANKUSA (1-877-543-3226).

Infant & Child CPR

An overview of infant CPR and guidelines. This program is under the direction of the CPR Training Center. For more information, please call the Training Center at (973) 926-7407.

Lamaze Refresher

This class provides a review on breathing and relaxation skills for couples who previously attended a prepared childbirth series during a prior pregnancy.

Maundefinedternity Orientation & Tour

Women interested in or planning to deliver at Saint Barnabas are invited to this free, informative program and tour. The hour-long session consists of a brief presentation highlighting our award-winning maternity services and amenities, including skin-to-skin introductions, rooming in and breastfeeding support services. A group tour of our Perinatal Evaluation and Treatment Unit and newly renovated Labor and Delivery Unit follows. To provide a personalized experience, class size is limited. For class dates and online reservations, now required, please visit our online calendar. For additional information, please call 973-322-5360.

Download Registration Form for Women's Health Education / Parent Education Classes at Saint Barnabas Medical Center.