Rob K Prostate Cancer: Treated With Kindness, Expertise and Precision

“Beyond the medical marvel of CyberKnife, Dr. Grann and her practice truly stood out.”

“Four years ago, my journey with my prostate health took an unexpected turn. A slightly elevated PSA (Prostate-Specific Antigen) level raised concerns about the possibility of prostate cancer. The diagnosis was confirmed after a biopsy – a Gleason score of 3 and 3.

I researched and found Dr. Alison Grann, Chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center. Her name came up several times in my research because of her expertise in CyberKnife treatment. I booked an appointment with her, and she agreed to begin active surveillance first. Dr. Grann also said I was a good candidate for CyberKnife, which is radiation therapy, not surgery, a less invasive treatment option.

In early 2023, my PSA rose to 8.4 so it was time to take action. In February 2023, Dr. Grann placed markers in my prostate. Then, using the results from a CAT scan and MRI, the CyberKnife machine began to shoot very focused amounts of radiation, using the markers as a guide. I underwent five sessions. This process, though intensive, allowed me to maintain my routine, as treatments coincided with lunch breaks from work.

My post-treatment PSA tests has showed dramatic drops, with my levels now resting at an impressively low 1.3 or 1.4, down from the original 8.4.

Beyond the medical marvel of CyberKnife, Dr. Grann and her practice truly stood out. The efficiency, professionalism, and genuine care displayed by the entire team left an indelible mark on me. Appointments ran like clockwork, requiring less than five-minute waits at most. Dr. Grann’s thorough explanations and personable approach eased any anxieties, while the nursing staff’s kindness and the techs’ jovial attitude and expertise added a comforting touch.

As my visits transitioned to six-month intervals and will eventually lead to yearly check-ups, the potential impact of the treatment on my urinary and sexual function became a focal point, monitored through a study. Happily, any concerns about side effects have so far been dispelled.

I am proud to recommend Dr. Grann’s practice at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center. Cancer is a formidable adversary, yet Dr. Grann and her team’s efficiency, professionalism, and kindness made a challenging journey manageable. I can confidently attest that my experience with their care has been remarkable. Dr. Grann and her team answered all my questions along the way and ensured the path to recovery unfolded just as they assured me.”

-Rob Keiser, 64, Clark, N.J.

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