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Business resource groups (BRGs), also known as employee resource groups, affinity groups, or employee networks are groups of employees who join together in their workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences. In general, BRGs provide support for fellow colleagues, foster career development, and contribute to cultural sensitivity in the work environment. But, at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, they have proven to be so much more.

Diversity and Inclusion Partners

RWJ’s BRGs have proven their value proposition and are becoming a called upon resource in the organization. Additionally, as a result of their efforts, excellence, and innovative projects, they have become a valued resource for other BRGs and organizations seeking ways to further connect employee-led groups to business objectives.

Leadership Development

One key advantage of RWJ’s BRGs is the way we leverage the groups as a platform for developing leaders. BRG leaders are exposed broadly to the organization— increasing leadership competencies—while gaining in-depth knowledge of RWJ priorities and how the organization operates. In addition, they are exposed to executive mentoring by executive sponsors, as well as frequent interactions with leaders across our system when exploring opportunities to link their efforts to organizational initiatives or developing and implementing BRG Business Impact Projects.

Business Impact

The BRGs, which originally started out as groups of employees tasked with supporting diversity and inclusion initiatives, have evolved into viable resources who respond to an array of opportunities for RWJ. A sought after resource by the organization, the groups lead Business Impact Projects that are linked to key organizational metrics— financial performance, employee and patient engagement, and market-place positioning.

Below are RWJ’s current Business Resource Groups. Click on the logo to contact the BRG directly for more information.

Asian Society for Impact & Advocacy Network
Advancing Women Through Advocacy, recognition and Empowerment Logo
Black Professionals Network logo
Emerging Leaders Network Logo
Promoting Respect, Outreach, Understanding, and Dignity Logo
Service and Advocacy For Latinos United for Devlopment Logo
Veterans Engaging Through Service Logo

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