RWJ Hamilton Medical Staff Leadership

Medical Staff Officers:

Edward A. Wingfield, MD, President of the Medical Staff
Imran Fayyaz, MD, Vice President
Lasanta Horana, MD, Secretary/Treasurer

Department of Surgery

Chairman: Earl Noyan, MD
Vice Chairman: Charles Eisengart, MD
Members-at-Large: Marc Levine, MD, Honesto M Poblete, MD, Reza Shah, MD

Section Chiefs:

General Surgery: Charles Eisengart, MD
GYN: Cary Mantell, DO
Neurosurgery: Zakaria Hakma, MD
Ophthalmology: Gregory Cox, MD
Orthopedics: Marc Levine, MD
Oral Surgery: Sean Bradley, DMD
Plastic Surgery: Naveen Aruja, MD
Podiatry: Eric Rockmore, DPM
Thoracic & Vascular Surgery: Honesto Poblete, MD
Urology: John Watson, MD

Department of Cardiology

Chair: Justin Fox, MD
Vice Chair: Christina Wjasow, MD
Members-at-Large: John Caplan, MD, Christina Wjasow, MD

Department of Medicine

Chairman: Imran Fayyaz, MD
Vice Chairman: Marjorie Gonzales, MD
Members-at-Large: Maqsood Amjad, MD, Herve Boucard, MD, AGAF, FACG, Ronaldo Go, MD, Rao S. Pasupuleti, MD, Asit Patnaik, MD, Yue Wang, MD
Critical Care: Ronaldo Go, MD
Hematology/Oncology: Maqsood Amjad, MD
Neurology: Rao Pasupuleti, MD
Physical Med/ Rehab: Dorota Gribbin, MD
Infectious Disease: Tahir Farooq, MD
Internal Medicine: Robert Laurente, MD

Department of Family Practice

Chairman: Likhitha Musunuru, MD
Vice Chair: Shankar Santhanam, MD

Department of Anesthesiology

Chairman: Michael Gordon, MD
Vice Chair: Cung Dinh, MD

Department of Emergency Services

Chairman: Lasanta Horana, MD
Vice Chairman: William Sproule, MD

Department of Pathology

Chairman: Asima Arslan, MD
Vice Chair: Maryam Sharifian, MD

Department of Radiology

Chairman: Gurvan Blackman, MD
Vice Chair: Anthony Burgos, MD

Patient Stories

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Patient Stories

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