RWJ Hamilton Medical Staff Leadership

Medical Staff Officers:
Shariq Afridi, MD, President of the Medical Staff
Zafar Zamir, MD, Vice President
Edward Wingfield, MD, Secretary/Treasurer

Department of Surgery

Chairman: Earl Noyan, MD
Vice Chairman: Howard W. Hardy, III, MD
Secretary/Treasurer: James Ricketti, DPM
Members-at-Large: John Schnell, MD; Biagio Manna, DO

Section Chiefs:
General Surgery: Howard Hardy III, MD
Neurosurgery: Nirav Shah, MD
Ophthalmology: Gregory Cox, MD
Orthopedics: John Schnell, MD
Oral Surgery: Sean Bradley, DMD
Plastic Surgery: Gary Smotrich, MD
Podiatry: James Ricketti, DPM
Thoracic Surgery: Biagio Manna, DO
Urology: John Watson, MD

Department of Medicine

Chairman: Zafar Zamir, MD
Vice Chairman: Barkat Jaferi, MD
Secretary: Vacant
Members-at-Large: Kevin Law, MD; Rao Pasupuleti, MD; Abdul-Hady Kheder, MD; Randa Mina, MD

Section Chiefs:
Cardiology: Edward Wingfield, MD
Endocrinology: Shirley Bembo, MD
Internal Medicine: Randa Mina, MD
Neurology: Rao Pasupuleti, MD
Physical Med/ Rehab: Dorota Gribbin, MD
Infectious Disease: Tahir Farooq, MD

Department of Family Practice

Chairman: Shankar Santhanam, MD

Department of Anesthesiology

Chairman: Michael Gordon, MD
Vice Chairman/Secretary: Andrew Spiteri, MD

Department of Gynecology

Chairman: Christian Hoffman, III, MD

Department of Emergency Services

Chairman: Lasanta Horana, MD
Vice Chairman: Alex Troncoso, MD

Department of Pathology

Chairman: Rakesh Abbi, MD

Department of Radiology

Chairman: Gurvan Blackman, MD

Patient Stories

  • “I would probably be dieting all the way into my 60s and be truly miserable as health condition after health condition started to mount. Now I take nothing but a single allergy pill each day, and I couldn’t be happier.”

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  • “They are very nurturing and make you feel so comfortable. I can’t tell you what a godsend they have been.”

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  • “I’m very well satisfied with my treatment. I eat very slowly, but I could sit down and have a steak right now. I can eat anything.”

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Patient Stories

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