RWJUH Hamilton Board of Trustees

Nina Melker, Chairman

Michael Pratico, Jr., Vice Chairman

Vijay Aluwalia

Greg Blair

Lisa Breza, Chief Administrative Officer

Wesley Bridges

J. Lynne Cannon

Harold Fink

Richard Gregg, MD

Sen. Peter Inverso

Ryan Kennedy

Sharon Lamont

Marlene Lao-Collins

Taiyyibah Malikschmitt

Ryan Marrone

Terry McEwan

Sherise Ritter

William Rue

Tyrell Smith

Martin Tuchman

Cynthia E. Vona Zbik, DDS, MD

William Walsh

Edward A. Wingfield, MD

Patient Stories

  • “They had everything the family was looking for.”

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  • “Dr. Fox saved my life. I’ve already recommended him and RWJUH Hamilton to so many of my friends and family. Hopefully, my story will instill confidence in others not to wait, to pay attention to the symptoms, and to seek medical attention immediately.”

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  • “After three months, I went back to my workout classes. I’m so grateful to Dr. Levine. He’s our angel.”

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Patient Stories

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