Hip Resurfacing

An Innovative Alternative to Hip Replacement

RWJUH now offers hip resurfacing, an innovative new alternative to total hip replacement. Patients under age 60 who suffer from hip pain due to arthritis, dysplasia or avascular necrosis may benefit from this bone-conserving approach.

Because technologically advanced surgical procedure resurfaces rather than replaces the end of your femur (thighbone), you may participate in more strenuous activity with an implant that is potentially longer-lasting and more stable than total hip replacements.

Total hip replacement requires the removal of the femoral head and neck and the insertion of a hip stem down the shaft of the femur. Hip resurfacing, on the other hand, requires the removal of just a few centimeters of bone and preserves both the femoral head and neck. The implant used for the resurfacing procedure is similar to a cap for a tooth. Because it is made entirely from tough, smooth metal, this implant has the potential to last longer than traditional total hip implants made of metal and plastic.

Patient Stories

  • After weight loss and hip replacement surgeries, Janet's health was transformed.

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Patient Stories

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