My To-Do List Before Spine Surgery

Before Surgery

  • Did I clean my house and remove any trip hazards?
  • Did I plan for someone to get my mail and care for my pets after surgery?
  • Did I take things down from shelves and put them within easy reach?

Day Before Surgery

  • Did I take 3 doses (1000mg) of Acetaminophen (Tylenol) throughout the day?
  • Did I use the first package of CHG wipes on my body?
  • Did I stop eating after midnight? (Only clear liquids until leaving the house!)
  • Did I pack for the hospital? (Loose clothing, ID, Insurance, list of current medications, phone charger- leave at home all valuables, jewelry, meds)
  • Did I prepare my home for after surgery? (Remove trip hazards, do laundry, remove throw rugs)
  • Do I have someone to help me at home for the first 24 hours?

Morning of Surgery

  • Use the last package of CHG wipes on your body.
  • Only clear liquids until you leave your home.