Joint Procedures

Anterior Hip Replacement

Traditional hip replacement surgery tears muscle apart from bone; however, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) offers a unique, minimally invasive anterior approach to hip replacement surgery that is muscle sparing. The anterior approach provides the patient with a faster recovery time as well as minimizing post-operative pain. Through the use of a HANA table intraoperatively, patients are positioned on their back rather than their side to ensure proper implementation in optimal position. Our unique anterior technique allows the joint to be more stable as the joint is less likely to be dislocated post-surgery. By accessing the hip anteriorly, patients are expected to have a shorter hospital stay as well as obtaining range of motion much quicker in comparison to traditional hip surgery.

Same Day Joint Surgery

RWJUH offers same day joint surgery that allows the patient to go home hours after surgery, rather than the average three to five hospital stay. Our efficient same day surgery service admits the patient, operates, and discharges the patient all in a twenty four hour period. Our board certified surgeons use a surgical technique which avoids certain muscles, and when needed, separates muscle and tissue rather than cutting, which results in a faster recovery times. Same day joint replacement provides the patient with a flexible and innovative option to get them back to their daily activities faster than before.

Computer Navigation Knee Replacement

At RWJUH our surgeons use state of the art handheld computer navigation devices to assist in both tibial and femoral navigation. This technique provides highly accurate, computer- assistance allowing the surgeon to receive real-time data for precise alignment and positioning, thus, patients experience fewer complications post-operatively when compared to more traditional techniques.

Joint Replacement Surgery

You or your physician may at some point consider joint replacement surgery as the solution to your joint pain. There's a caring, compassionate, and highly-trained Orthopedics unit ready to assist and ease any anxiety you may have about joint replacement surgery. To learn more, click here.