Hospital Discharge

undefinedYour doctor will decide when you are well enough to go home. He or she will provide written order that you may leave, and then advise the nursing staff.

Please make sure a responsible person is available to take you home in a timely manner. When you are ready to depart, a patient account representative, at ext. 6760, is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your bill.

Personal Belongings

Collect all of your belongings and double check closets and drawers. If you have any valuables stored in the hospital safe, call the security office at ext. 6970 or 609.584.6970, and an officer will bring your belongings to you.

Discharge Instructions

Your doctor and your nurse will give you written instructions about post-hospital care. If you have questions about your diet, activities or other matters, or are not comfortable with your discharge instructions, please be sure to ask at this time.

Patient Transportation

When you are ready to leave, a member of the hospital staff will escort you to the front entrance and help you into the car.

Patient Management (Discharge Planning)

The patient management department is available to counsel you and your family regarding hospitalization, nursing home care, convalescence and referrals to other medical agencies after discharge. The patient management staff (called patient care coordinators), will consult with you and your physician, and help arrange for a visiting nurse and any other home care needs you may have after discharge. One of RWJ Hamilton’s social workers will assist you with any social service need that you have and will help you arrange for transition to a continuing care facility if necessary. For further information, call ext. 6590 or 609.584.6590.

Post-Hospital Care

When your doctor determines that you no longer need all the specialized services provided in a hospital, but you still require medical care, he or she may discharge you to a skilled nursing facility or home care.

The discharge planner at the hospital will help arrange for the services you may need after your discharge. Medicare and supplemental insurance polices have limited coverage for skilled nursing facility care and home health care. Therefore, you should find out which services will not be covered and how payment will be made. Consult with your doctor, the hospital’s discharge planner, the hospital’s patient representative and your family in making preparations for care after you leave the hospital. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions.

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