May 15, 2024 Chinese Language Webinar: Dementia and Preventing Cognitive Decline

華人醫療服務部將5月8日晚上特別的大腦健康網絡講座教大家如何預防認知能力下降,腦神經科專家Dr. Shan Sarah Chen醫師和Dr. Michelle Chen醫師和家庭醫生Dr. Karen Lin醫師一起全面剖析解讀失智症。精彩問答環節涵蓋超多實用討論。

Everything about Dementia and Preventing Cognitive Decline. Professional Neurologists and Neuropsychologists Dr. Shan Sarah Chen and Dr. Michelle Chen, together with experienced Family Doctor Dr. Karen Lin will teach you the best ways to prevent cognitive decline. Don’t miss the Q&A part with great cases and discussions.