Phone Directory

To Schedule an Appointment

888-CHILDREN (244-5373)


888-CHILDREN (244-5373), Ext. 57134

Ambulatory Care Center

(Physician Services) 888-CHILDREN (244-5373)


888-CHILDREN (244-5373)

Autism Program/Comprehensive Autism Team Scheduling

888-CHILDREN (244-5373), Ext. 52489


888-CHILDREN (244-5373)

  • Camp Chatterbox: Ext. 55451
  • Overnight and Mountainside: Ext. 55484
  • Pals Paradise (Toms River): Ext. 53821
  • Day Camp: Ext. 55484

Comprehensive Feeding Team Scheduling

888-CHILDREN (244-5373), Ext. 55915

Developmental Screening

888-CHILDREN (244-5373)

Early Intervention

888-CHILDREN (244-5373)
Northern and Central NJ: Ext 53368
Southern NJ: 52824

Family Faculty

Hamilton: 888-CHILDREN (244-5373) Ext. 52816
Mountainside: 888-CHILDREN (244-5373) Ext. 55346
New Brunswick: 888-CHILDREN (244-5373) Ext. 57576
Stevens Road: 888-CHILDREN (244-5373) Ext. 53757
Lakehurst Road: 888-CHILDREN (244-5373) Ext. 53961

Friday Night Fever

Mountainside: 888-CHILDREN (244-5373), Ext. 55114

Toms River: 888-CHILDREN (244-5373), Ext. 53821

Lightning Wheels


Medical Records

888-CHILDREN (244-5373)
Toms River or Hamilton: Ext. 3822
New Brunswick: Ext. 7156
Mountainside and all other locations: Ext. 5421

Mental Health Screening

888-CHILDREN (244-5373), Ext. 58878



Nutritional Services

888-CHILDREN (244-5373)

Occupational Therapy

888-CHILDREN (244-5373)
English: Ext. 58885
Spanish: Ext. 58887

Orthotics and Prosthetics (Boston Orthotics and Prosthetics )

888-CHILDREN (244-5373)
Braces or orthotic equipment: Ext. 55299
Wheelchair or other adaptive equipment: Ext. 55838

Patient Access Services

888-CHILDREN (244-5373), Ext. 5193

Patient Accounts


Patient- and Family-Centered Care


Physical Therapy

888-CHILDREN (244-5373)
English: Ext. 58885
Spanish: Ext. 59997

Rehabilitation Technology



888-CHILDREN (244-5373)

Special Needs Primary Care

Primary Care in Hamilton, NJ: 609-631-2811
Primary Care in Union, NJ: 908-588-9860

Speech Therapy

888-CHILDREN (244-5373)
English: Ext. 58885
Spanish: Ext. 59997


888-CHILDREN (244-5373), Ext. 55488

Patient Stories

  • Therapy was always fun. It was never boring and towards the end, my body started to work a little bit. So, when you see your growth over the month, it really boosts confidence.

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  • We had to learn to trust a new place with providing the best care for our child. Once we realized how incredibly caring the entire team was at CSH, it was smooth sailing.

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  • My advice for other families is to never give up. It can be a lot and you’re always trying to find the right answer or solution, so be persistent and keep going,

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Patient Stories

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