Boards of Trustees

The Boards of Trustees at Children's Specialized Hospital and Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation govern, guide, and advocate for our organization, patients, and families.

Children's Specialized Hospital Board of Trustees

*We ask for 100% participation from our board and leadership.*


  • Fred Tewell, Chair
  • David Kostinas, Vice Chair
  • Peter Chen, JD, Secretary
  • Peter Korn, Treasurer


  • Chrissy Bacia
  • A. Malia Beckwith, MD, President, Medical Staff
  • Katherine Bentley, MD, Immediate Past President, Medical Staff
  • John Calandriello
  • Sandria De Sapio
  • Kim Hanemann
  • Cynthia Kirchner
  • Leslie Logan Taylor, CSH Foundation Board of Trustees Chair
  • Dana Mauro
  • Matthew B. McDonald III, MD, CSH President & CEO
  • Kristen Rich
  • Jacklyn Rider
  • Sonia Rita
  • Reginald Ross
  • Philip Salerno, CSH Foundation President & CDO
  • Jennifer Senick

Honorary Board Members

  • Sister Jane Frances Brady
  • Raul E. Cesan
  • John J. Dalton
  • Donald T. Di Francesco, Esq.
  • Anita M. Kneeley
  • Marilyn Kolterjahn
  • Brucie Talcott

Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees


  • Leslie Logan Taylor, Chair
  • Michele Hall-Duncan, Vice Chair
  • Nicholas A. Boccella, Investment Co-Chair
  • Mairead Goetz, Engagement Chair
  • Edward J. McKenna, Jr., Esq., Capital Campaign Co-Chair
  • Michael V. Miller, Secretary
  • Mark Montenero, Capital Campaign Co-Chair
  • Anita Siegel, Esq., Planned Giving Chair
  • Matthew Skurbe, Treasurer


  • Virginia Alling
  • Bill Arnold
  • Vincent Baricaua
  • Sandy Broughton
  • George Destafney
  • Paul Krieger
  • Michael Lewis, PhD
  • Matthew B. McDonald III, MD, CSH President & CEO
  • Colin O’Reilly, DO
  • Bonnie Rodriguez
  • Pinky Shah
  • Fred Tewell, CSH Board of Trustees Chair
  • Victor Viscomi
  • Edward J. Zampella, MD

Former Chairmen Emeritus and Honorary Trustees

  • Paul C. Bosland, Chairman Emeritus
  • Alexander R. Giaquinto, PhD, Chairman Emeritus
  • Louis Parent, Emeritus Trustee
  • Frank Vuono, Honorary Trustee
  • Joseph Lamendola, PhD, Honorary Trustee