Boards of Trustees

The Boards of Trustees at Children's Specialized Hospital and Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation govern, guide, and advocate for our organization, patients, and families.

Children's Specialized Hospital Board of Trustees

*We ask for 100% participation from our board and leadership.*


  • Fred Tewell, Chairperson
  • Matthew B. McDonald III, MD, President
  • Peter Korn, 1st Vice Chairperson
  • Kristen Rich, 2nd Vice Chairperson
  • John Calandriello, Treasurer
  • Peter Chen, JD, Secretary


  • Chrissy Bacia
  • A. Malia Beckwith, MD, President, Medical Staff
  • Sandria Desapio, CSH Friends President
  • David Johnson
  • Cynthia Kirchner
  • Leslie Logan Taylor, CSH Foundation Board of Trustees Chair
  • Dana Mauro
  • Alissa Memoli, CSH Foundation President & CEO
  • Jacklyn Rider
  • Sonia Rita
  • Jennifer Senick
  • Lauren Tarnok, MD, President, Medical Staff

Honorary Board Members

  • Sister Jane Frances Brady
  • Raul E. Cesan
  • John J. Dalton
  • Donald T. Di Francesco, Esq.
  • Anita M. Kneeley
  • Marilyn Kolterjahn
  • Brucie Talcott

Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees


  • Leslie Logan Taylor, CSH Foundation Board of Trustees Chairperson
  • Mark Montenero, Vice Chair and Capital Campaign Co-Chair
  • Nicholas A. Boccella, Investment Co-Chair
  • Edward J. McKenna, Jr., Esq., Capital Campaign Co-Chair
  • Michael V. Miller, Secretary, Governance Chair
  • Joseph Mindak, Marketing Chair
  • Jess Minick, Audit Chair
  • Bonnie Rodriguez, Engagement Chair
  • Anita Siegel, Esq., Planned Giving Chair, Assistant Treasurer
  • Matthew Skurbe, Treasurer


  • Julie Alcorn

  • Virginia Alling
  • Bill Arnold
  • Vincent Baricaua
  • Anna Bauder
  • George Destafney
  • Mairead Goetz
  • Michael Lewish, PhD
  • Angela Martin-Moushon
  • Matthew B. McDonald III, MD, CSH President & CEO
  • Alissa Memoli, CSH Foundation President & CEO
  • Colin O'Reilly, DO, CSH Vice President and CMO
  • James Pirot
  • Karen Reif
  • Pinky Shah
  • Fred Tewell
  • Victor Viscomi
  • Dr. Edward J. Zampella

Emeritus Board Members

  • Paul C. Bosland, Chairman Emeritus
  • Alexander R. Giaquinto, PhD, Chairman Emeritus
  • Louis Parent, Emeritus Trustee

Honorary Board Members

  • Joseph Lamendola, PhD
  • Frank Vuono

Legal Counsel

  • Phelan, Frantz & Ohlig, LLC

Patient Stories

  • "She's happy, making progress, developing beautifully, and thriving. I credit this to the staff that works with her. They are devoted and never gave up on Sophia.

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  • “There are so many workshops, information resources, and people you can talk to at CSH,” said Katie. “The opportunities here are so valuable. CSH has done so much for our family; I never want Gracelyn to leave.”

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  • “Callie used to be embarrassed of using her equipment,” said Amanda. ”She is now so happy to use it and can’t wait to get to therapy every week, race to the toy closet, and pick something out.”

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Patient Stories

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