Boards of Trustees

The Boards of Trustees at Children's Specialized Hospital and Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation govern, guide, and advocate for our organization, patients, and families.

Children's Specialized Hospital Board of Trustees


  • Fred Tewell, Chairperson
  • Warren E. Moore, Hospital President & CEO
  • John R. Blasi, Esq., 1st Vice Chairperson
  • Christiana Foglio, 2nd Vice Chairperson
  • Lawrence Kramer, Treasurer
  • Peter Chen, JD, Secretary


  • A. Malia Beckwith, MD, President, Medical Staff
  • Celeste Andriot Wood, Immediate Past Chairperson
  • Chrissy Bacia
  • Katherine Bentley, MD, Immediate Past President, Medical Staff
  • Sandria Desapio, CSH Friends President
  • Martha Garcia
  • Kim Hanemann
  • Cynthia Kirchner
  • Peter Korn
  • David Kostinas
  • Penelope E. Lattimer, PhD
  • Leslie Logan Taylor, Foundation Chairperson
  • Dana Mauro
  • Reginald Ross
  • Barbara Rothman
  • Philip Salerno, Foundation President & Chief Development Officer
  • Jennifer Senick

Honorary Board Members

  • Sister Jane Frances Brady
  • Raul E. Cesan
  • John J. Dalton
  • Donald T. DiFrancesco, Esq.
  • John W. Fox
  • Anita M. Kneely
  • Marilyn Kolterjahn
  • Brucie Talcott
  • Robert R. White, III, MD

Children's Specialized Hospital Foundation Board of Trustees

  • Bill Arnold
  • Vincent Baricaua
  • John R. Blasi, Esq.
  • Nicholas A. Boccella
  • George Destafney
  • Joseph R. Dobosh, Jr., Asst. Treasurer
  • Mairead Goetz
  • Paul Krieger
  • Michael Lewis, Ph.D.
  • Justin Mayer
  • Matthew McDonald, III, M.D.
  • Edward J. McKenna Jr., Esq.
  • Mark Montenero
  • Warren Moore, FACHE, CSH President & CEO
  • John Nietzel
  • Donald Pearl
  • Bonnie Rodriguez
  • Philip Salerno III, CSH Foundation President & CDO
  • Anita Siegel, Esq.
  • Matthew Skurbe
  • Daniel Spicehandler
  • Fred Tewell
  • Victor Viscomi
  • Neil Wolitzer

Emeritus Board Members

  • Paul C. Bosland, Chairman Emeritus
  • Alexander R. Giaquinto, Ph.D., Chairman Emeritus
  • Louis Parent, Emeritus Trustee
  • James Rutherford, Chairman Emeritus

Honorary Trustees

  • Frank Vuono, 16W Marketing, LLC
  • Joseph Lamendola, Ph.D.

Legal Counsel

  • Thomas C. Phelan, Esq., Phelan, Frantz & Ohlig, LLC

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