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The mission of Children’s Specialized Hospital’s Center of Excellence for Chronic Pain and FND is to support improvement in functional independence, participation in daily routines and promote overall quality of life for children and adolescents, affected with Chronic Pain and Functional Neurological Disorder (FND) conditions, using a multidisciplinary rehabilitation model.

  • Services - We recognize the importance of clinical innovation and directed care pathways to ensure timely and appropriate treatment.
  • Training - We strive to educate the world on understanding the needs of a unique approach to care for individuals with Chronic Pain and FND conditions.
  • Advocacy - We support individuals we serve in their pursuit of functional independence and social, health care, and educational equity. We also recognize the critical role of social determinants to an individual’s health.
  • Research - We are dedicated to the scientific exploration required to better understand and effectively support individuals with Chronic Pain and FND conditions.

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What is FND?

Functional Neurologic Disorder (FND) refers to a disorder where patients have difficulty functioning and with self-care due to a disconnect between the signals from the brain to the body. This disconnect can impact the body’s ability to function properly.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is classified as pain that lasts greater than 6 months. This unique pain can be localized or general but the diagnosis of a chronic pain syndrome is typically only determined by exclusion of other painful conditions. Local pain may occur due to a condition called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) and more generalized pain may occur due to amplified musculoskeletal pain syndrome (AMPS).

What is the cause of Functional Neurologic Disorder?

The cause of FND is unknown, however, symptoms can be triggered by stress, trauma, illness or injury.

What is the cause of a Chronic Pain syndrome?

Chronic pain syndromes usually occur after injury, illness, or psychological stress. The initial injury or trauma as resolved yet the pain and dysfunction continues to be disproportionate to the initial trauma sustained.

What are the symptoms of Functional Neurologic Disorder?

Physical symptoms of FND may include loss of use of a limb or body part, tremor, non-epileptic seizures and tics. Patients may also have problems with walking, talking or how sensation is perceived. Patients with FND can experience diminished executive functioning including memory and concentration. Symptoms may increase with attention to them or the degree of concern for the symptoms, and decrease when the patient is distracted. These symptoms can be severely impactful on the patient’s daily activities and ability to attend school.

What do Chronic Pain symptoms look like?

Kids, adolescents, and teenagers with chronic pain syndromes may look just like you or me, however, they are experiencing mild to very bad pain that does not go away as expected following an injury, illness, or trauma. Those experiencing chronic pain may exhibit ‘pain behaviors’ such as guarding of their body, wincing, avoiding activity and/or social activity. In addition, mood changes such as increased anxiety, depression, and sleep disturbances may occur. In addition to these pain behaviors, chronic pain symptoms can lead to significant functional limitations such as difficulty with mobility, school attendance and interacting with peers. Patients may also have problems with maintaining independent activities of daily living. These symptoms can be severely impactful on the patient’s daily activities and ability to attend school.

How do you cure Functional Neurologic Disorder or Chronic Pain?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘quick fix’ for FND and chronic pain, but with time and multidisciplinary supports there can be a significant improvement in the patient’s functioning and quality of life.

What is the next step if I suspect my child has Functional Neurologic Disorder or Chronic Pain?

Here at Children’s Specialized Hospital, we are dedicated to helping children, adolescents, and young adults through age 21 years with a diagnosis of FND or chronic pain. Our service line includes a complement of both inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative therapies and medical services to improve the patients function as well as their capacity to manage future recurrence of symptoms. Whether the patient is currently hospitalized in an acute-care setting or currently experiencing FND or chronic pain symptoms at home, the CSH FND and chronic pain multidisciplinary team will deliver a patient specific rehabilitative plan which will include a combination of therapeutic interventions to age-appropriate psychoeducation for both the patient as well as their support persons.

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