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The mission of CSH BRAIN INJURY, Children’s Specialized Hospital’s Center of Excellence for Brain Injury, is to be the premier center for Pediatric Brain Injury Acute Rehabilitation, by offering an outcomes driven, multidisciplinary, comprehensive and family-centered approach to help all children achieve their fullest potential.

  • Services - We recognize the importance of clinical innovation and timely treatment to optimize patient outcomes and improve access to multidisciplinary and comprehensive care through inpatient and outpatient services.
  • Training - We strive to educate the world on the needs and strengths of individuals with acquired and traumatic brain injuries, to improve access to and quality of supports throughout the community.
  • Advocacy - We appreciate diversity and support individuals we serve in their pursuit of functional independence and social, health care, and educational equity. We also recognize the critical role of social determinants to an individual’s health.
  • Research - We are dedicated to the scientific exploration required to better understand and effectively support individuals with acquired and traumatic brain injuries.

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Pediatric Brain Injury Program Locations

New Brunswick, NJ

Children's Specialized Hospital Inpatient Facility

200 Somerset Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

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Patient Stories

  • Therapy was always fun. It was never boring and towards the end, my body started to work a little bit. So, when you see your growth over the month, it really boosts confidence.

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  • CSH gave Tony back something so simple that we all take for granted daily.

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  • Thank you to the staff and everybody here. You can tell that people love working here. Even the kids are happy and that says a lot given what’s going on. I’m glad we landed here.

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Patient Stories

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