Patient and Family Centered Care Overview

Patient-and-Family-Centered Care is our philosophy of partnering with every child and family in all that we do. This is our standard of care throughout Children’s Specialized Hospital. You will see this in our staff’s interactions with your child and family at every step of your journey.

two women smiling Values and Principles of Patient and Family Centered Care

  • Partnering with families in all that we do at all levels of healthcare
  • Recognizing that the family is the child’s primary source of strength and support
  • Building on the strengths of every child and family and supporting their choices and decisions about healthcare for their child
  • Helping families care for their children and make decisions about healthcare for their child
  • Supporting every child and family by making them aware of options for support services
  • Collaborating with families in hospital decisions that may effect them
  • Providing every child and family with honest and unbiased information on an ongoing basis
  • Respecting that each family is unique in their structure, values, culture and spiritual beliefs

Excellence in Quality Improvement Award

Group of people smiling in front of children's hospitalIn 2014, the New Jersey Hospital Association (NJHA), through its Institute for Quality and Patient Safety, recognized the innovative Patient- and Family-Centered Care (PFCC) program at Children's Specialized Hospital (CSH), by awarding Children's Specialized Hospital the Excellence in Quality Improvement Award.

Institute for Patient-and Family-Centered Care

Children’s Specialized Hospital was selected by the Institute for Patient-and Family-Centered Care to be featured in their Profiles of Change. The Institute selects hospitals and health systems that have made a long-term commitment to advance the practice of patient-and-family centered care.

Innovative Family-Centered Care Department

mother kneeling next to daughter in wheelchair Our Family-Centered Department is comprised of Family Faculty staff- parents and family members whose children have received or are receiving services and our Family Advisory Council-25 members with a 3:1 family member and staff ratio. Together, the Family-Centered Care team provides the focus and unique family perspective required to build awareness, educate, engage, and fully integrate Patient-and Family-Centered Care principles into the health care policies, practices and services across the hospital.

Find out more about Family Faculty
Find out more about the Family Advisory Council

Patient Stories

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  • “You cannot believe the truly amazing work these doctors, nurses, therapists and social workers do, and the miracles they help kids perform on a daily basis. They are the unsung heroes of Chase's journey.”

    Chase Maverick
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  • “At the start of his care, Orian appeared clumsy (tripping, falling, and bumping into objects within his environments),” adds Meredith. “That all resolved by the time of his discharge.”

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Patient Stories

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