Nursing Education

Framework for Nursing Professional Development

At Jersey City Medical Center, we believe that nursing professional development is the lifelong process of active participation by nurses in learning activities that assist in developing and maintaining their continuing competence, enhance their professional practice, and support achievement of their career goals. Nursing professional development builds on the educational and experiential bases of nurses across their professional careers for the ultimate goal of ensuring the quality of health care to the public.

Nursing professional development activities can be described as existing in three domains:

  1. Continuing education
  2. Staff development
  3. Academic education

The concepts of continuing competence and lifelong learning are central to all nursing professional development activities.

Our framework for the educational center is based upon the research of Patricia Benner, PhD, particularly her work on “From Novice to Expert” which describes the attributes of professional nurses as they gain experience and education. The model also identifies three characteristics that change as an individual moves through the stages.

These characteristics include:

  1. Moving from reliance upon abstract principles to actual experiences
  2. Changing perception of a problem from individual issues to a whole with relevant parts
  3. Shifting from observer to involved participant

In Benner’s work, it is evident that the more experience that one has the more the depth and breadth of skills and knowledge expands. This model is integrated into all of our programs and competencies in the educational center.

Our activities in the department are geared toward the following objectives:

  1. Provide opportunities for both in and out of hospital continuing education programs that increase knowledge and skills, thereby, enhancing quality care.
  2. Provide resource materials which are evidence based in order to keep all personnel informed and updated on current practices in health care.
  3. Support the research council.
  4. Provide charge nurses and managers with leadership development programs.
  5. Provide the framework and support for mentor and clinical ladder nurses.
  6. Provide education on all DNV standards.
  7. Educate and integrate 14 forces of magnetism into our programs.
  8. Provide the necessary orientation and training to all our new employees.

ANA Scope and Standards of Practice for Nursing Professional Development

For more information

Please contact the Educational Center for Professional Development at 201-395-7510. Office hours are Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

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