Academic/Student Affiliation

Guide to Student Placement

To receive the current forms required to begin a rotation at Jersey City Medical Center please contact Justin Loo, Education Coordinator for the Educational Center for Professional Development.

School Responsibilities:

  1. The Program Director will ensure an active affiliation agreement is in place with Jersey City Medical Center.
  2. Program Director or Rotation Coordinator will complete the Individual/Group Rotation Request Form at least 8-10 weeks in advance.
  3. Program Director or Rotation Coordinator will then complete the Individual or Group Clearance Form 4-6 weeks prior to the requested start date.

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Contact Justin Loo with your request and also provide your Program Director’s / Rotation Coordinator’s contact information 8-10 weeks prior to your expected start date.
    a. The Education Coordinator will confirm whether or not an affiliation agreement is currently active.
    b. If you have identified a preceptor / mentor this information as well as their full contact information must be disclosed at the time of your request.
  2. You will be required to complete a Clearance Form:
    a. You will be required to have a Criminal Background Check on file with your school. Your school will validate the results of your Criminal Background Check.
    i. If you are an RWJBH employee your facility’s Human Resources department may validate a Criminal Background Check is completed as part of your on-boarding for employment.
    b. You will also be required to have your Primary Care Physician document that you are up to date with current vaccination requirements, all other health clearance requirements as indicated have been met, and that you have a physical exam on file.
    i. Please note, these Health requirements are subject to change and you and your your school representative will be notified of any changes.
  3. The Education Coordinator will assign you a set of education lessons to complete on our eLearning platform MCStrategies. These modules include important information regarding the Hospital's policies and procedures. You will be emailed the login instructions and password.
    a. These education modules must be completed prior to your first day and it is your responsibility to notify the Education Coordinator that you have completed all lessons.
    b. If you are a JCMC Employee these modules must still be completed prior to the start of your rotation.
  4. You may schedule your on-boarding to occur prior to your first day of rotation with Justin Loo. This will allow you to become familiarized with the area, the hospital environment, and obtain your parking pass.
General Considerations:
  1. BSN Groups are recommended to complete onboarding before their first day of clinical due to scheduling requests with our Security Department for ID badges.
  2. Parking permits for the Marina Lot, where students should be parking during the rotation, will be provided at on-boarding at no fee.
    a. For your on-boarding appointment, however, students and faculty will need to park in the visitor lot for a fee of $3 (fee is subject to change).
For any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact Justin Loo at or 201-395-7510. Medical Students-please contact Eneida Rivera-Wolfe from the Medical Education Department at or 201-915-2431.

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