Educational Objectives

The current curriculum of the Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital’s Dental Residency Program consists of outpatient and inpatient clinical experience and rotations in the Departments of Emergency Medicine, Anesthesia, and Medicine. We also provide the opportunity to attendings’ private practices. The didactic program consists of seminars, meeting, lectures, case presentations, and journal study clubs.

The program is designed to meet the requirements of the American Dental Association’s Commission on Advanced Dental Education. The residents are prepared in the management of total oral health care by instruction and experience in the delivery of such care to a full range of ambulatory and hospitalized patients. In addition, the residents are afforded the opportunity to appreciate the relationships between oral and systemic diseases.

The curriculum is aimed at refining the advancing knowledge in clinical skills and providing a broad understanding of the interrelationships of dental and medical care to the physical, social, and emotional needs of the patient.

Method of Achieving These Objectives

The above stated objectives are achieved by clinical experience in the treatment of the full range of dental problems; clinical experience in the treatment of dental inpatients and the dental care of medical/surgical patients; clinical experience in the specialty areas of dentistry; didactic supplementation of clinical experience by lectures, seminars, rounds, conferences, case presentations, staff meetings, and rotations through appropriate hospital departments (Anesthesiology, Medicine, and Emergency Department). The Hospital believes that upon completion of this program, both the dentist and the community will benefit. The community will receive a dentist superior in judgment and skills in the practice of general dentistry.