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Breast Pumps Available for Your Convenience

At Community Medical Center we are committed to providing exceptional care to our patients an one way we do that for new mothers is to make shopping for a breast pump easy. Breast pumps are on sale right on our First Moment Maternity Unit for your convenience.

We offer the Ameda Purely Yours Pump or you can purchase the Purely Yours Breast Pump with Carry All. This pump kit comes with the double electric pump with custom control, a dual hygienikit milk collection system, a black microfiber carry all shoulder bag, 6 bottles with lids, removable insulated cool and carry tote, freezer packs, AC power adapter and complete instructions. In addition, the Purely Yours Ultra features an upscale faux leather bag, custom fit flanges, cool and carry milk tote, car adapter and more.

Our prices are extremely competitive and you have the convenience of buying them right here at Community Medical Center.

For information please call, 732-557-8037.

Breastfeeding Buzz

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Frequently Asked Questions for Breastfeeding

Q- Will breastfeeding hurt?

A-It shouldn’t. When infants breastfeed correctly there is no pain. Ask your health care provider about breastfeeding classes so you can learn how to make breastfeeding work. And ask your nurses to assist you when you have the baby to determine that it’s working well and there will be no pain.

Q- Can I breastfeed if I have small breasts?

A- Yes you can. Breasts come in all sizes. If you have felt changes in your breast during your pregnancy, that is the first sign your breasts are preparing for lactation.

Q-How do I know how much milk my baby is getting?

A- What goes in must come out! You can tell that your baby is getting enough milk from the number of wet and soiled diapers, how often your baby is feeding, and your baby is gaining the correct amount of weight.

Q- Do I need to eat a special diet or avoid certain foods?

A- No, a healthy diet and eating a variety of healthy foods is advisable. Eat to hunger and drink to thirst.

Q- What if Dad wants to feed the baby?

A- He can certainly help out in many ways. After the first month, and breastfeeding is established, The American Academy of Pediatrics says it is a great idea to start pumping. Then Dad can feed an occasional bottle of expressed breast milk. Remember, there are so many more aspects to baby care that Dad can do to establish his relationship and bond with his baby.

Breastfeeding Support Group

All breast feeding mothers need guidance, support and reassurance. CMC provides a virtual breastfeeding support group facilitated by an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant to help support families in their lactation journey. When you can empower new mothers by offering mother to mother interaction and support it will help them to achieve their feeding goals.

The group will meet biweekly on Wednesdays 11:00am to 12:30pm.

If you have questions about breast feeding, please contact us at and please include CMC breastfeeding in the subject line.

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