Dawn, Sarah, & Megan I Know I Will Be In Good Hands

"I see firsthand the quality of care that we provide daily, I know I will be in good hands."

Deciding where to have a baby is a major decision for most expectant parents. But for employees of Community Medical Center (CMC), the choice is easy. “I see firsthand the quality of care that we provide daily,” says Sarah Stetsko, a 32-year-old executive assistant who lives in Toms River and is having her second child at CMC. “I know I will be in good hands.” Gerardo Lopez, MD, Chair of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, is proud that so many staff members choose CMC for their deliveries. But he isn’t surprised, given the many outstanding features of the maternity unit: round-the-clock, board-certified obstetricians, neonatologists and anesthesiologists; nurses who specialize in maternal and neonatal care; a Level II special care nursery for infants who need extra care; labor, delivery and recovery rooms with Jacuzzis; private mother-baby units; classes on childbirth, infant care and breastfeeding; and lactation consultants. “We have physicians, midwives and health care professionals who are skilled and compassionate,” says Dr. Lopez. “Our nurses and staff members know this and have so much confidence in the high-quality care we provide that they would not have their babies anywhere else.” Here, three staff members share why they chose to deliver at CMC.

Dawn Caswell, RN
Logistics Manager
Age: 41
Hometown: Toms River
Due Date: June
Obstetrician: Aliona Maxwell, MD


I’ve worked at the hospital for 21 years, including 10 as an Emergency Department (ED) nurse. I have confidence in the physicians and nurses because I’ve seen them in action for so long. I know what the hospital’s expectations are for them—and they exceed them. I trust them with my life and my baby’s life.

First Delivery Experience

I felt well cared for. The nurses were meticulous in doing their assessments; they were attuned to the smallest changes in vital signs.

Benefits Of A CMC Delivery

I liked that my husband could stay with me overnight during the induction process. Knowing I had his support was reassuring. Also, I felt good about the fact that the system monitoring my contractions and the baby’s heart rate was at the nursing station. Someone was always watching out for me—even if he or she wasn’t in the same room.

What Friends Say

One of my best friends delivered her twins here, and she had to leave them in the special care nursery and go home because they were too small. She felt they were well cared for and had confidence in the staff. That made me realize that if my son had to be sent back to the nursery, he would be fine, too.

Delivery Jitters

Just because I’m a nurse doesn’t mean I don’t feel apprehensive about delivery. The epidural always makes me nervous, but I know my colleagues will help me every step of the way.

Sarah Stetsko
Executive Assistant
Age: 32
Hometown: Toms River
Due Date: June
Obstetrician: Adam Repole, MD. Sarah is seeing Dr. Repole and two other physicians at Ocean Gynecological & Obstetrical Associates (Eric Lehnes, MD, and Kenneth Cahill, DO).

Why CMC?

When it came to choosing the hospital for my second delivery, there was no question I would return to CMC. I have full confidence in delivering here. During my first delivery, my son was facing the wrong direction, and I needed an emergency C-section. The doctors and nurses were very calm and put me at ease.

Quality Care

As an employee, I know the nurses are required to take continuing education and training classes so they are up to date on the latest clinical practices. Also, CMC recently embarked on a “Safety Together” initiative, meaning we are committed to zero incidents of preventable harm for our patients, families, visitors and each other. That’s reassuring.

The Appeal of the Maternity Unit

The rooms are private, spacious and updated, which is great for visitors.

Megan Martinson, RN
Administrative Director Of Emergency Services
Age: 33 Hometown: Forked River
Due Date: First Child Born In April
Obstetrician: Aliona Maxwell, MD

Why CMC?

Quality of care was key. As an Emergency Department nurse, I know what this means. When it came to delivering my own child, I wouldn’t settle for anything less than CMC.

Feeling “Clinically Safe”

We have an excellent clinical team. All of our staff members have gone through safety training, so everyone is focused on patient safety. We recently received another “A” safety grade from Leapfrog, a national nonprofit organization focused on health care quality and safety. There are also a lot of resources available to us through the RWJBarnabas Health system, which would allow for continued care across the spectrum in case of a problem. In April, neonatologists from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School started caring for newborns at CMC.

The Appeal of the Maternity Unit

There are newly renovated, beautiful private rooms. The hospital provides couplet care, meaning the mother and baby have the same nurse. The baby rooms with the mother and spends only a small amount of time in the nursery (unless there are medical concerns). As a new mom, I wanted to have the baby with me so I could learn how to care for him or her before I went home.