Leadership at RWJBarnabas Health

Led by Barry H. Ostrowsky, President and Chief Executive Officer, the corporate executive team is comprised of senior leaders representing the functional disciplines charged with executing upon the strategic imperatives of RWJBarnabas Health and supporting the local teams at each of our facilities.

Barry H. Ostrowsky

Barry H. Ostrowsky
President and Chief Executive Officer

Thomas A. Biga

Thomas A. Biga
President, Hospital Division

Mr. Biga’s team:

William Arnold
President, Southern Region

William Cuthill
Senior Vice President, Facilities

James Smith
Vice President, Mobile Health Services

Dr. Andy Anderson

Andy Anderson, M.D.
CEO of RWJBarnabas Health Medical Group

Dr. Anderson’s team:

Amato Amarain
Chief Financial Officer, RWJBarnabas-Rutgers Medical Group

Joshua Bershad, M.D.
Executive Vice President, Physician Services

Tipton Ford
Chief Operating Officer, RWJBarnabas-Rutgers Medical Group

Kelly Fulton, RN
Senior Vice President, Physician Services

Eliza Pui-Sze Ng, M.D., MPH
Chief Medical Officer, Population Health

Lina Shihabuddin, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Primary Care Services

Mark Manigan

Mark E. Manigan
Executive Vice President, Business Development

Mr. Manigan’s team:

Matthew Fulton
Senior Vice President, Business Development

Debra Lienhardt
Senior Vice President, Business Development

Meg Stagliano RN MBA
Vice President, Business Development

Jennifer G. Velez

Jennifer G. Velez
Executive Vice President, Community and Behavioral Health

Ms. Velez’s team:

Connie Greene
Vice President, Institute for Prevention & Recovery

Jessica Israel, M.D.
Corporate Chair, Geriatrics and Palliative Care

Gabriel Kaplan, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer, Behavioral Health Network

Deanna Sperling
Chief Operating Officer, Behavioral Health Network

Michellene Davis, Esq.

Michellene Davis, Esq.
Executive Vice President, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Ms. Davis’s team:

Sarah Lechner
Senior Vice President, Policy Development and Government Affairs

Barbara Mintz
Senior Vice President, Healthy Living and Community Engagement

DeAnna Minus-Vincent
Vice President, Social Impact and Community Investment

Ernani Sadural, M.D.
Corporate Director of Global Health

Glenn Miller

Glenn Miller
Executive Vice President, Chief Development Officer

Mr. Miller’s team:

Gregory Ellmer
Vice President, Gift Planning

Vicki Robinson
Vice President, Development and Strategic Initiatives

Amy Mansue

Amy Mansue
Executive Vice President, Chief Experience Officer

Ms. Mansue’s team:

Martin S. Everhart
Chief Human Resources Officer

Maureen Harding
Vice President, Patient Care Services

Michael E. Knecht, FACHE
Senior Vice President, Strategic Marketing and Communications

Trina Parks, MHA, FACHE
Senior Vice President, Corporate Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

John William Doll, CPA

John William Doll, CPA
Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Doll’s team:

Nikolas Alexiades
Regional Chief Financial Officer

Richard Davis
Regional Chief Financial Officer

Gail Kosyla
Regional Chief Financial Officer

Douglas Zehner
Regional Chief Financial Officer

Catherine Dowdy
Senior Vice President, Finance and Corporate Controller

Chad Forbes
Senior Vice President, Managed Care

Robert Irwin
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Michael Keevey
Vice President, State and Federal Programs

Joseph Scargle
Senior Vice President, Revenue Cycle

Robert Taylor
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain

Gerald Tofani
Vice President, Finance - Ambulatory Ventures

Eileen Urban
Senior Vice President, Chief Investment Officer and Treasurer

David A. Mebane, Esq.

David A. Mebane, Esq.
Executive Vice President, General Counsel

Mr. Mebane’s team:

Margaret Campbell
Deputy General Counsel

Sara Krauss
Assistant General Counsel

Rowena Spigarelli, BSN, RN, JD
Chief Compliance Officer

John F. Bonamo, M.D., MS, FACOG

John F. Bonamo, M.D., MS, FACOG, FACPE
Executive Vice President, Chief Medical and Quality Officer

Dr. Bonamo’s team:

James Andrews
Senior Vice President, Cardiac and Neurological Services

Lori Colineri
Chief Nursing Officer, Southern Region

Brian George
Vice President, Orthopedic Services

Nancy Holeck
Chief Nursing Officer, Northern Region

Laura Lark
Vice President, Emergency Services

Deborah Larkin-Carney
Vice President, Quality

Indu Lew
Senior Vice President, Chief Pharmacy Officer

Stephen O'Mahony, M.D.
Senior Vice President, Chief Health Information Officer

Ellen Romanowski
Vice President, Laboratory Services

Suzanne Spernal
Vice President, Women's Health Services

Joseph Scott, FACHE

Joseph Scott, FACHE
Executive Vice President, Office of Health Care Transformation

Mr. Scott’s team:

Po-Yi Chou
Senior Vice President, Population Health and Physician Services

Patrick Knaus
Senior Vice President, Chief Planning Officer