About Barbara Mintz, MS, RD

Senior Vice President, Healthy Living and Community Engagement

BarbaraWhat is your personal WHY? How does your work in the Social Impact and Community Investment Practice at RWJBH motivate you to obtain your WHY?
Help our employees and our communities lead happy, healthy, productive lives.
Share my passion for community work, experience and education to help create equity. RWJBH and SICI goals and commitment to improving the health of our communities is inspiring and aligns with my personal and professional vision.
Excluding money, what do you think is the single most effective gift that can be given to an individual or a family to change their life circumstances?
The gift of empathy and our time.
I cannot go a day without…
Grounding myself to our greater purpose.
As a child, I dreamed I would grow up to be…
In a position where I could make a difference on this earth and in the lives of others.