The Strategy

The RWJBarnabas Health Social Impact and Community Investment (SICI) practice leverages the system’s broad range of assets to advance a culture of health and improve the quality of life for communities in New Jersey and throughout the globe. With an emphasis on ensuring health equity, the practice of SICI is rooted in strategic policy change, combined with evidence based and innovative programs that address the social, economic, and environmental conditions that have a significant impact on health outcomes.

Working collaboratively with stakeholders across the system and within communities, the SICI practice serves as a driver of the system’s anchor mission—hire local, buy local, invest local. To meet this charge, the SICI practice will:

  • Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to co-design and drive comprehensive social impact, community investment, and external affairs strategies.
  • Work across internal and external boundaries to help improve community conditions.
  • Support local sites to build capacity and implement strategy.
  • Utilize system resources efficiently by looking across the system to achieve shared goals through standardized practices.
  • Measure and evaluate impact to prove concept and use funding for initiative improvement and replication.
  • Support communication of efforts to diverse internal and external stakeholders.



To achieve health equity and improve the well-being of our communities, RWJBarnabas Health contributes to the economic development of our communities. By building stronger community partnerships, providing employment and procurement opportunities, and investing in community wealth building, RWJBH creates inclusive local economies that provide talent and resiliency for our supply chain’s demands.


RWJBarnabas Health recognizes that, in order to effectively address the factors that lead to poor health outcomes, a multi-level approach is required. Complimenting robust policy and systems change efforts, is strategic investment in communities to implement evidence-based and innovative initiatives. Through inclusive and ongoing dialogue with diverse internal and external stakeholders, the SICI practice codesigns interventions that intentionally address the issues that result in health disparities and achieve improved health, social, and economic outcomes for individuals throughout New Jersey and in targeted global communities.

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