Social Impact and Community Investment Strategic Plan Summary

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Dear Partners and Friends:

Social Impact and Community InvestmentAt RWJBarnabas Health, our primary mission is to help our neighbors by building healthier communities. The Social Impact and Community Investment (SICI) 2019-2020 Strategic Plan Summary is intended to share a high-level overview of our plans to reach beyond the walls of our facilities, use our assets and resources to more equitably improve our communities’ long term well-being and quality of life, and, finally, solicit your assistance as we move forward to create a healthier New Jersey for all residents.

This document is a companion to a more extensive Strategic Workplan that details how, when and where we will initiate the efforts described herein. Both this summary document and the more detailed Strategic Workplan are dynamic, meant to act as a guide, but expected to evolve as the practice and the communities we serve learn, grow and change.

Creating sustainable change is challenging. It takes strong partnerships, resources and perseverance to make it work. We implore you to join us to help our neighbors in New Jersey and around the globe!

Warmest Regards,

Barry H. Ostrowsky
President and Chief Executive Officer, RWJBarnabas Health



All New Jerseyans live in—and contribute to—socially-connected and economically-thriving resilient communities.


The mission of the social impact and community investment practice is to improve health for all New Jerseyans by strategically working to foster health promoting environments and conditions across the key social determinants of health. Our work contributes to healthy people, healthy homes, and healthy communities.


The corporate social impact and community investment practice is responsible for leading the system’s charge to help create healthier communities. The practice plans and drives implementation for system-wide social impact and community investment intervention initiatives, supports local sites with their work in the field (strategy development, resources, training), and directs the system’s policy development and government affairs efforts as well as its global health work.

Led by an experienced team of practitioners, the practice’s operational charter focuses on how our team collaborates to accomplish its mission.

  • We are all servant leaders toward the higher goal of health and economic equity
  • We ground our work in data-driven, evidence-based theory, practice and policy
  • We need each other; we collaborate with our internal and external stakeholders
  • We respect each other and embrace our differences
  • We act as a catalyst for the shifting of paradigms
  • We are gutsy, well-prepared and believe in the just cause
  • We create and model a culture of trust to foster co-design
  • We champion open and frequent communication
  • We emphasize the “why”
  • We work without ego
  • We share and celebrate the victories, large and small
  • We work transparently and vulnerably
  • We don’t take the resistance personally
  • We are relentless—the work is complex and takes time
  • We understand that innovation requires risk; we are not afraid to fail
  • We apply our collective skills and courage to achieve success