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My Saint Barnabas E-MD

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Communicate With Your Doctor Online

Now you can communicate with your doctor online using My Saint Barnabas E-MD.

Participating Doctors

To view the list of participating doctors, or to Find Your Doctor, search Find a Doctor or Clinician.


My Saint Barnabas E-MD’s secure communications service is an efficient alternative to phone calls and office visits when you have non-urgent health care needs. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can:

Consult Your Doctor with a Web Visit Communicate with your doctor online.
Send a Brief Note to Your Doctor
Request/Cancel Appointments
Request a Lab/Test Result
Request Medication Refills
Request a Referral
Contact Your Doctor's Office

Using My Saint Barnabas E-MD can improve your health care experience in several powerful ways:

  • Access to your doctor

    Communicate with your doctor, with no time pressure. The webVisit guides you through an interactive interview, and then builds a concise message to your doctor.
  • Convenience

    Tired of waiting on hold? Can’t wait for the doctor’s office to open? Send a message in just a few minutes from your computer at home or work. You save time and hassle – maybe even an office visit.


All My Saint Barnabas E-MD services are free except the webVisit. If webVisits are a covered benefit of your health plan, and your plan requires a co-pay for a typical office visit, that same co-pay amount will be charged for a webVisit. If your plan does not cover webVisits, your doctor determines the cost. You will be notified of the cost before you begin the webVisit.

Register and Get Started

Registering for My Saint Barnabas E-MD is quick and easy. You can be communicating with your doctor in less than 48 hours!

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