Telemetry Unit

Having a heart attack is a traumatic experience. The hospital’s community-centered cardiac services strive to alleviate some of the trauma by offering professional, caring treatment by a highly trained staff from pre-hospital response to rehabilitation and support groups.

Our newly renovated Telemetry Unit provides specialized care along with a monitoring system that watches a patient’s every heartbeat for any signs of arrhythmia; providing the caregiver with a visual display of the patient’s echocardiogram (ECG). The pager shows a text screen with the patient’s name, bed number and appropriate vital signs. All this information is delivered to the caregiver within ten seconds of the alarming event.

Following treatment, patients are offered monitored and maintenance rehabilitation programs at the Nicholas Quadrel Healthy Heart Center. Cardiac rehab focuses on education, exercise and nutrition counseling, and includes a Cardiac Support Group designed to provide current information and social support for people with cardiac problems.