Board of Governors


Stephen A. Timoni

Vice Chairman
G. Allen Geyer

Immediate Past Chairman
Brian P. Leddy

Nicholas F. Delmonaco

Treasurer/Assistant Secretary
Donna L. Mugavero

Kirk C. Tice

Active Members
Michael Chen, MD
Roger C. Gore
John Kline, MD
Ronald C. Kowalczyk
Daniel B. Lepri
Joseph Gibilisco
Lawrence J. Naldi
Michael Thien
Barbara Martin
Michael Nudo

Ex-officio Members
Juan Baez, MD, President, Medical Staff
Farzin Aliasgharpour, MD, Vice President, Medical Staff
John Colaizzi, PhD, designee, Robert Wood Johnson Healthcare Corporation
Stephen K. Jones, President, Robert Wood Johnson Healthcare Corporation
Christine Kline, President, RWJ Rahway Auxiliary
Kirk C. Tice, President, RWJ Rahway
David Wexler, MD, Immediate Past President, Medical Staff
Michael Widmer, Chair, RWJ Rahway Foundation
Anu Chaudhry, MD, Vice President, Medical Staff

Patient Stories

  • "I was ready to fight hard. Being a mom with a four year old daughter just made me push harder. I didn't stop living. I didn't stop being a mom."

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  • "I went to bed and woke up at about 2am with the most severe and indescribable pain in my chest"

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  • “Now the only thing I need to take every day is my vitamin”

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Patient Stories

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