Board of Governors

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital Rahway


Michael Thien

Michael Chen, MD

Daniel Lepri

Barbara Martin

Kirk C. Tice

Active Members
Krystal Canady
Michael Chen, MD
Nicholas F. Delmonaco
G. Allen Geyer
Joseph Gibilisco
Roger C. Gore
John Kline, MD
Ronald C. Kowalczyk
Brian P. Leddy
Daniel B. Lepri
Barbara Martin
Lawrence J. Naldi
Michael Nudo
Donna Pennella
Michael Thien
Stephen Timoni

Ex-officio Members
Mathew Cholankeril, MD, Vice President, Medical Staff
Salvador Cuadra, MD, Vice President, Medical Staff
Carlos Remolina, MD, Immediate Past President, Medical Staff
Kirk C. Tice, President & CEO, RWJ Rahway

Patient Stories

  • “They're my little miracles.”

    Aiden, Joshua, and Hanna
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  • “Before, I always had to prep myself, prep my ankle, just to get up. Now, I can get up and go. I’m free.”

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  • “I feel fantastic. There’s nothing that comes up that makes me nervous, and I trust my body so much more than I did a year ago.”

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Patient Stories

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  • Watch Testimonial