RWJ University Hospital at Rahway Community Health Needs Assessment

RWJ Rahway is pleased to present our Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA). We engaged in a robust process with our Union County Affiliate, Trinitas Regional Medical Center, to engage with the community stakeholders, review research and key data points to assess and prioritize needs. The report includes updated Rahway and Union County service area health statistics including health status and socio-economic factors. The CHNA includes over 440 community survey respondents, 50 focus group participants and 19 key informant interviews. The work was undertaken through a social determinants of health framework and health equity lens.

2022 CHNA Report RWJ University Hospital Rahway 2019 CHNA Report RWJ University Hospital Rahway 2016 CHNA Report RWJ University Hospital Rahway 2013 CHNA Report RWJ University Hospital Rahway

Our Community Improvement Plan focuses on increasing chronic disease screening rates and increasing community education and outreach promoting chronic disease prevention, particularly in the area of diabetes. We also seek to increase self-management opportunities for those living with chronic disease, particularly diabetes.

We seek to increase access to cancer screenings and services and increase awareness of the benefits of early detection for certain types of cancer, particularly lung cancer. In the area of behavioral health, our objectives include increasing education and awareness of behavioral health symptoms and resources in the community. We seek to strengthen partnerships with community stakeholders for treatment and referral.