Advanced Robotic Surgery Technology

The da Vinci Xi Surgical System

da Vinci Surgical System for minimally invasive surgeryRobert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH) uses the latest generation of robotic minimally invasive surgery technology, called the da Vinci™ Surgical System.

An expandable, computer-assisted surgical system, the da Vinci Xi surgical robot is designed to seamlessly integrate imaging, advanced instruments and anatomical access. That means our surgeons blend the latest enhanced visual technology with improved instrument control for surgical precision. With minimal surgical invasion, patients are left with smaller incisions and faster recovery times.

The da Vinci Xi offers surgeons at RWJUH enhanced visual technology, broader capabilities and improved instrument control.

The da Vinci Xi’s unique robotic arms afford the surgeon the full 360 degree range of motion that a human wrist cannot. This allows for precise surgical movements in delicate, hard-to-reach locations. The da Vinci’s high-definition camera gives your surgical team a magnified view of the entire surgical area, virtually extending their eyes and hands to areas they may not have access with other methods.

All of these combined technological advances result in

  • Shorter recovery times
  • Less pain from the incisions
  • Less risk of infection
  • Reduced time away from your life

Patient Stories

  • “I feel great; I can exercise again. It’s been just amazing how swiftly I’ve been able to regain my strength.”

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Patient Stories

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