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Full Suite of Services for the Transgender Community

Highly specialized services

It's a top priority to optimize health and well-being for every patient, that is, to bring you to the best “you” you can be. Our LGBT program is firmly rooted with that purpose in mind.

In full support of the transgender community, we offer the following services:

  • Gender-affirming surgery
  • Facial feminization surgery
  • Hormone therapy / Endocrynology
  • Gynecology / Urology
  • Otolaryngology / Vocal training
  • Behavioral and mental health
  • LGBT Health Navigator
  • Advocacy resources / Outreach program information

To complement your experience at our facility, and LGBT Health Navigator can assist you with any questions you have and help guide you through your experience here.

Meet our Team

Dr. Richard Agag, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Jeremy Sinkin, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ian Marshall, Chief, Division of Pediatric Endocrinology

Dr. Gloria Bachmann, OB/GYN, Director, Women's Health Institute

Jackie Baras, MSN, RN, LGBT Navigator

Vanessa Nazario, Director, Diversity and Inclusion

RWJUH Operating Room Team

Arlex Matulac, VP, Perioperative Services