Proudly Me! Transgender Edu-port

An Education and Support Program at RWJUH

PROUDLY Me! is a free education and support program to help the transgender and nonbinary confirming community members by creating a safe space of learning through peer support and resources. The sessions are hosted in a caring and understanding environment to discuss all available resources for the transgender community.

PROUDLY Me! meets virtually every second Thursday of the month from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

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Jackie Baras, RN, LGBTQ Health Navigator for RWJUH serves as group facilitator.

Baras has transformed the tapestry of health care in New Jersey by eliminating LGBT health care disparities through education, community collaboration and volunteerism. She was instrumental in launching the first LGBT Business Resource Group called PROUD (Promoting Respect, Outreach, Understanding and Dignity) at RWJUH, establishing the PROUD Family Health Center at RWJUH Somerset, the first hospital based LGBT clinic in the New Jersey, and creating the PROUD—a Transgender Family Support Group, also one of its kind in the state.