Nursing Strategic Plan

Nursing Strategic Plan 2018 - 2020

The 2018 - 2020 nursing strategic plan is vital to moving the nursing division along the path of nursing excellence. Using the Magnet manual as a roadmap, this strategic plan focuses on clinical excellence through the high reliability organization process for safety and quality with maintaining a commitment to supporting continued professional development and safe care transitions for patients.


  1. Improve patient outcomes and improve nursing retention through Practice Transition programs.
  2. Reduce patient readmissions through inter-professional and cross-continuum collaboration for safe care transitions.
  3. Enculturate High Reliability into nursing structure, support, tools, mentorship, and evaluation through analysis and reports

JCMC Nursing Strategic Plan

Priority Initiatives:

  1. Practice Transition Program (PTAP)
    • Successfully Implement a nationally accredited RN residency transition to practice program
  2. CMS Star Readmission Team to reduce 30 day readmissions
    • Reviewing current readmission data
    • Literature Review
    • RWJBH Site Visits
    • Explore new model for inter-professional team focus on patients at high risk for readmissions
    • Continue focus on Medication Management across the continuum with complete & accurate home medications list upon admission
  3. Enculturate High Reliability into Nursing
    • Education and training
    • Integrate into Shared Governance Councils: charters with patient outcome focus
    • Clinical Leadership: a department/unit will present their patient outcomes
    • Quarterly unit showcase meetings with the CNO with a focus on the unit’s patient outcomes
  4. Partner with Ambulatory to promote excellence in ambulatory nursing practice
    • Implement bi monthly Ambulatory Shared Governance Council
    • Integrate into JCMC Shared Governance Structure
    • Review and achieve data requirements for Nurse Engagement, Patient Engagement, and Nurse Sensitive Indicators
  5. Increase the percentage of RNs with professional Nursing Certification
  6. Sustain > 80% RN with BSN Degree or higher

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Patient Stories

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