Nursing Strategic Plan

Nursing Strategic Plan 2018 - 2021
The 2018 – 2021 nursing strategic plan is vital to moving the nursing division along the path of nursing excellence. Using the Magnet manual as a roadmap, this strategic plan focuses on clinical excellence through the high reliability organization process for safety and quality while maintaining a commitment to supporting continued professional development and safe care transitions for patients.


  1. Improve patient outcomes and nursing retention through Practice Transition programs.
  2. Reduce patient readmissions through inter-professional and cross-continuum collaboration for safe care transitions.
  3. Enculturate High Reliability into nursing structure, support, tools, mentorship, and evaluation through analysis and reporting.

JCMC Nursing Strategic Plan

Priority Initiatives

  1. Practice Transition Program (PTAP)
    • Successfully Implement a nationally accredited RN residency transition to practice program
  2. CMS Star Readmission Team to reduce 30 day readmissions
    • Reviewing current readmission data
    • Literature Review
    • RWJBH Site Visits
    • Explore new model for inter-professional team focus on patients at high risk for readmissions
    • Continue focus on Medication Management across the continuum with complete & accurate home medications list upon admission
  3. Enculturate High Reliability into Nursing
    • Education and training
    • Integrate into Shared Governance Councils: charters with patient outcome focus
    • Clinical Leadership: a department/unit will present their patient outcomes
    • Quarterly unit showcase meetings with the CNO with a focus on the unit’s patient outcomes
  4. Partner with Ambulatory to promote excellence in ambulatory nursing practice
    • Implement bi-monthly Ambulatory Shared Governance Council and Integrate into JCMC Shared Governance Structure
    • Review and achieve data requirements for Nurse Engagement, Patient Engagement, and Nurse Sensitive Indicators
  5. Increase percentage of all nursing staff and nurse leaders certified by 2020.
  6. Sustain > 80% RN with BSN Degree or higher

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