Oct 14, 2021 Make Calm Your Superpower!

children superheroesOne Source EAP Connections – October 2021

I envy the people that can keep their calm when everything around them is in chaos. They deal with stressful situations one at a time and put each behind them before moving on to the next.

Many of us dwell on stress after the stressor ends. It gnaws at us, then compounds when another stress-filled event comes along.

There are so many benefits to remaining calm, including feeling more in control and enjoying better overall health. When you’re calm, you can “hear yourself think” and communicate more clearly. This helps calm those around you – and that really is a superpower!

The good news is that remaining calm is a skill that can be learned. There are many techniques including breathing, meditation and positive self talk that can help us more effectively and calmly deal with stress. Watch the Calm Collection to learn how to make “Calm” your superpower.

You can also use your confidential EAP benefit for one-on-one assistance regaining calm. Just call the Access Center 24/7/365 at (800) 300-0628.

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Schedule a Team Seminar To Achieve Calm

We understand the importance of achieving calm. Our seminars, including Work Life Balance Seminar will help you identify how to build better balance in your life to avoid burnout. Consider scheduling a Work-Life Balance seminar for your next team or staff meeting. Your HR partner can help you request a seminar for your team.

The Calm Collection

You don’t have to spend a lot of time to build calming activities into your day. The Calm Collection is a series of brief videos designed to help you regain calm through tips and maybe a laugh or two.
Click below to watch each video.

  1. Two Skills I Know You Have
  2. More Time With Family Is Great
  3. Journey To The Beach
  4. Chanting To Alleviate Stress
  5. Tossing A Ball and Letting Go
  6. Offering Yourself Nourishment
  7. Mr. Fancy Pants
  8. Grounding
  9. Anti-Fragile
  10. Bad Day?
  11. Say Hello To High Achievers
  12. If You’re In A Rush
  13. The Pandemic - Good For Dogs
  14. Drumming Away Stress
  15. Answers From A Teenager

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