Apr 29, 2020 Finding Time to Catch Your Breath While Quarantining with Loved Ones

Quarantining with loved ones and feel sometimes like you need to catch your breath? Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) Thomas Moore, administrative director of clinical and business services, RWJBarnabas One Source Employee Assistance Program (EAP), helps you use your "problem-solving skills" to do what you have to do.


“More Time With Family is Great”

Instructor: Thomas Moore, Director of EAP

Hi! Thomas Moore again from RWJBarnabas EAP. Now, many of you have responded to our first Calm Collection video, asking for more time to breathe together. Great idea. Let’s do that.

But before we get started, let’s think about a couple of things: For most of us, we are spending more time in our homes with our families and that is a great, great thing. However, with so many people in the house, things can get busy. So, a cognitive therapist will say: “You cannot get distracted unless you give someone permission to distract you.” So, we’re going to breathe now and listen to those cognitive therapists, and it’s all going to be great.

[Moore is sitting down]

“Okay everybody, sit comfortably in a chair, and [get] ready to breathe.”

[Kids playing in the background, a dog barking. Moore looks confused, and shuts off the video. The video starts up again with Moore in his car.]

“Hi. I’m using my problem solving skills. I’m sitting in my car, hiding from my family…Do what you gotta do. Listen, This gives us a chance to breathe together. How about we take four relaxed breaths?

You sit comfortably in a chair, you close your eyes and focus only on your breathing, and listen to me as I count out the beats. Ready, set, eyes closed.

Breathe: Inhale [Moore counting] 2, 3, 4 hold,,2,3,4, exhale, 2, 3, 4 hold, 2, 3, 4, [Moore repeats this seven times.

Ok, open your eyes. And, “You did great,” and [whispers] “It’s so quiet out here.”