Apr 30, 2020 Grab A Ball and Get Centered

Grab a ball and get centered with Jayce Bartok, New York City-based actor, film maker and friend of Thomas Moore, licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) and administrative director of clinical and business services, RWJBarnabas One Source Employee Assistance Program (EAP).


Tossing a Ball and Letting Go

Instructor: Jayce Bartok, NYC actor, writer, director, along with his son Jackson

[The instructor is on his laptop asking his son about a class while his son is shooting hoops in the bedroom.]

Hi, I’m Jacye Bartok, I’m an actor and a filmmaker and I live in New York City, and our good friend Tom Moore asked us to contribute to the Calm Collection. As you can see, we’re working on a little homeschooling that’s not exactly going to so great. [Jayce’s son Jackson is making a lot of noise with Jayce yelling, “Buddy!” Moving his laptop, Jacye gives Jackson more room]

Can I show you something? [Speaking to Jackson] It’s actually a little exercise that you can do with the ball that helps you calm down and get centered. I used to do it backstage a lot when I was doing a play with my good friend Maury at the Cherry Lanes Theater. So it just involves you simply tossing the ball to me.

[Jayce and Jackson are about six feet apart, and Jackson tosses the ball to Jayce and then Jayce tosses the ball to Jackson. Jackson makes a quick basket in the meantime and then returns to tossing the ball to his dad.]

Jayce: [while tossing] Hey, how are you doing, man, how was your day?

Jackson: [smiles, tossing back to the ball to Jayce] Good

Jayce: And this simple act, of just focusing on just tossing the ball, lets everything in the past, and everything in the future that you’re worried about just fade away because all you’re concerned about right now is catching that ball and keeping things in the present. So as an actor, it helps you to stay in the present, which is the best thing that we can do right now. And It will help all our first responders stay focused on the amazing job they’re doing on the frontlines.

Jackson: This is pretty relaxing

Jayce: It is, right? Just keep catching that ball. You want to introduce yourself?

Jackson: Hi, I’m Jackson, and I’m ten, and this is my dad Jayce.

Jayce: Here, I’m going to throw the ball to you [throws ball to screen]