May 12, 2020 Offering Yourself Nourishment

NYC Actor, Writer and Change-maker Jade Zaroff leads us through a meditation and affirmation exercise to relieve our stress. Written by Jade Zaroff and Tom Moore.


Hello, my name is Jade Zaroff. I’m an actor and a filmmaker in New York City, and for the past couple months, my aunt who works with a company that employs nurses and I have been making meditations and videos to help support in any possible way that we can, and so I was really thrilled and grateful for the opportunity to also contribute to the RWJBarnabas Calm Collection Series. So, I’m going to lead you through a meditation [Jade is sitting in the grass, she moves the camera] and we’re going to begin by closing our eyes, sitting comfortably, and breathing deeply. [Jade begins breathing] inhaling and exhaling.

And so we’re going to be using an acronym known as R.A.I.N. which stands for recognition, awareness or acceptance, investigation, and nourishment. So begin by recognizing any thoughts, feelings, sensations in the mind or the body, and having awareness of these thoughts, feelings, sensations. We accept these thoughts, feelings, sensations, by offering ourselves a simple phrase, ‘Right now, it’s like this.’ And as you begin to become aware and accept these thoughts, feelings, and sensations, you give yourself nourishment for showing up, for being strong. It hasn’t been easy. And your family, and your friends, and your colleagues, and your peers – they are all so inspired by your strength. You are brave. You’re so loved, and so you offer yourself this nourishment of self-compassion and self-love. And after another deep breath [Jade breathes in and out], just open your eyes whenever you feel ready. Thank you so much.