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Business resource groups (BRGs), also known as employee resource groups, affinity groups, or employee networks are groups of employees who join together in their workplace based on shared characteristics or life experiences. In general, BRGs provide support for fellow colleagues, foster career development, and contribute to cultural sensitivity in the work environment. But, at RWJUH Somerset, they have proven to be so much more.

Below are RWJUH Somerset’s current Business Resource Groups. BRG membership is open to all hospital employees.


Promoting Respect, Outreach, Understanding, and Dignity (PROUD) Business Resource Group is an employee-based group focused on fostering a safe, accepting, respectful, supportive, and inclusive gender loving workplace among the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Allies (LGBTA). Our mission is to drive business performance, provide support and resources to patients, families, and the surrounding communities, and also to provide organization wide educational programs and sensitivity training to address all LGBTA needs. PROUD seeks to establish RWJ Somerset as the Center of Academic Excellence and Quality in New Jersey that provides safe, friendly, and inclusive LGBTA patient care — making a strong reputation for RWJ Somerset as an LGBTA friendly hospital in New Jersey.


The mission of Veterans Engaging Through Service (VETS) Business Resource Group is to foster a sense of pride and appreciation for the men and women who are American veterans. VETS seeks to offer support to our current employee veterans, patient veterans, and reserve components personnel — as well as family members, active duty, and dependents — through a variety of programs, services, and resources at RWJUH Somerset. We aim to make RWJUH Somerset become the first publicly recognized top hospital for veteran employees and veteran patients in the state of New Jersey, serving as a model for other institutions. This will contribute to the success of RWJUH Somerset by attracting potential employees and veteran patients to want to make RWJUH Somerset their veteran hospital of choice.


The mission of the Advancing Women through Advocacy, Recognition, and Empowerment (AWARE) Business Resource Group is to foster a stimulating, equitable, and nurturing culture for all women through networking, education, and community – not only socially, but also through promoting positive camaraderie and supportive relationships among all women regardless of background, experiences, or role in the RWJUH Somerset community. AWARE seeks to build a foundation at RWJUH Somerset to realize the possibilities and power of women, and contribute to the success of RWJUH Somerset by attracting talented women to a supportive, inclusive, and welcoming workplace that promotes the best, most effective care for our patients and full engagement of our workforce.


SALUD is an employee-led group providing equal opportunities for Latinos for professional and personal growth. Our mission is to foster and encourage progression, betterment, gain, growth, and breakthroughs that result in advancement and equal recognition for all Latinos and Hispanics. By providing outreach and advocacy throughout RWJUH Somerset and the surrounding New Brunswick area communities, we will contribute to the success of RWJUH Somerset attracting employees to a diverse and welcoming workplace that promotes the most excellent care for our patients. SALUD aims to succeed in delivering inclusive patient care for Latino patients, advocate and create awareness for health issues that exist among the Latino population, cultivate community relationships through collaboration to minimize health disparities that exist among the Latino population, and serve as a resource and visible asset for equal communication and education of employee benefits and issues affecting Latino employees at RWJUH Somerset.

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