Paying for Your Emergency Department Visit

No one is asked to pay before receiving emergency care at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital. Patients who come to our Emergency Department for medical treatment will get two or more bills depending on the treatment received.

  • The first bill will be for the Emergency Department, including any tests you may have had during your visit, such as blood tests or x-rays.
  • A second bill will be for the care the doctor gave you, including what he/she might had done for you (for example, giving you stitches for a bad cut or a cast for a broken leg).
  • If x-rays were taken, a third bill will be sent to you from the radiologist who read your tests for diagnosis.

We will always care for patients with emergency medical problems, even if they cannot pay.

Learn more about how to pay your bill, including:

  • online bill pay
  • Charity Care
  • Other payment assistance resources

For those individuals who need special financial arrangements, information is available upon request.

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