Monmouth Antenatal Testing Centers

The Antenatal Testing Centers located at Monmouth Medical Center in Long Branch and the Anne Vogel Family Care and Wellness Center in Eatontown, provide parents-to-be with the latest in medical technology and services to meet their perinatal needs. They offer integrated, comprehensive facilities that bring together a full spectrum of antenatal testing and genetic counseling services.

The Centers Offer:

  • High-resolution ultrasound testing to provide a detailed look at fetal anatomy, fetal growth and overall fetal well-being.

  • Amniocentesis for women who already have a child with a birth defect, those with a family history of birth defects and those who will be over age 35 at the time of delivery.

  • Non-stress testing for fetal monitoring.

  • Cardiac and Doppler scanning of the fetal heart.

  • Genetic counseling for individuals who are “at risk” or have had a child with a birth defect or hereditary disease to receive information and evaluation.

Meet Our Team of Physicians

For additional information on each physician, including office location(s) and hours, insurance and other amenities, click on the physician’s name to be directed to our Physician Locator.

Contact Us

For more information at Maternal Fetal Medicine, please call 732-870-3600

For more information about the Antenatal Testing Center at Monmouth, call 732-923-6530.

Patient Stories

  • “Every single person I dealt with was truly wonderful. The floor nurses and staff were terrific. I felt they all cared about me.”

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  • “I felt no pain after the first few days, and the nurses were on the phone with me regularly to track how I was doing, so it was an incredibly smooth recovery.”

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  • “Maybe others will think, ‘Wow, she’s really confident about that — I should be confident, too.’”

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Patient Stories

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