Single Rooms

More Than a Soothing Environment

Single RoomsSingle hospital rooms at Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus make the difference in patient wellness, from improving healing and enhancing the patient experience, to increasing infection control, and making your care more individualized.

At Monmouth South, our single rooms promote patient healing by easing the stress of a hospital stay. A clustered layout means you won’t be able to see or hear what’s going on in anyone else’s space – giving you more time to rest, relax, and recuperate. Each room features comfortable recliners and plenty of room for relatives and friends to stop by and share a laugh – nature’s best medicine. And, on our geriatric floor, low-height beds and alarms greatly reduce the risk for falls.

Removing the roommate significantly reduces your risk of acquiring infections from other patients, and a sink by each bedside – in addition to the one in each private bathroom – allows medical personnel to wash their hands thoroughly before examining you. The wood-finish look of the floors in each room add class, while the fact that they’re made of sheet vinyl, means they’re easy to keep clean. DuPont™ Corian® sink tops, windowsills, and other room surfaces are nonporous, stain-resistant, and simple to disinfect.

A bigger area around your bed means better accessibility for physicians and nurses, who can perform minor procedures and exams without time-consuming transfers, and – once they’ve finished –you can dim the room’s lights to your liking. The room’s quiet and private design also erases embarrassment about sharing personal details with a physician.

Finally, a single room means you’ll have a physician or nurse’s full attention every time you need it. They’ll have plenty of time to check your chart and collaborate for your best possible care in our newly designed teamwork areas on each floor – no more jockeying for a seat at the nurse’s station. And, with our new telemetry system, your vital signs will be monitored not only by a nurse on your floor, but also by staff in a remote location – allowing us to respond immediately if you need our help.

Patients will not incur additional charges for a single room.

Even More Benefits for Older Patients

Acute Care for the Elderly UnitMonmouth Medical Center South is the only hospital in the area with a one-stop health program for older adults, where single rooms and hotel-like amenities are only a small part of a first-class experience. From our Acute Care for the Elderly Unit (ACE) for the most frail of our older patients, to our Better Health senior membership program and Geriatrics Institute, we offer the finest care, most advanced treatments and a healing environment designed for quick recovery and prevention of complicating illnesses.

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