Educational Center for Professional Development

Our nurse educators in the Education Center for Professional Development (ECPD) support the learning needs of our nursing and allied employees in our organization, our academic partners, and the community through a variety of planned education opportunities. An abundance of opportunities exists to engage our employees, students, and community needs including formal classes, orientation programs, unit-based in-services, coordination of computer-based learning, webinars, one-on-one instruction, competency assessment, simulation, and virtual learning.

The nurse educators proudly support the shared governance councils by serving as resources to the council members. Additionally, nurse educators partner with the unit leadership team ensuring education is provided to support new unit-based initiatives and the consistently delivery of evidenced based care at the bedside. Feedback from our nursing and patient care technicians is solicited each year through the annual learning needs assessment survey. The ECPD team utilizes this feedback to develop programs to meet the learning and professional development needs of our employees.

Despite the pandemic challenges of 2021, the EDPC conducted 175 live classes with a total of 1,644 participants. Computer based learning classes allowed our nurse educators and employees to stay on track to meet our orientation and training targets for 2021, with a total of 1,915 learners participating in computer based on- line classes. Nurses attended live courses and computer-based curriculums in our learning management system MC Strategies© and were awarded a total of 3212 contact hours towards their professional development! Our nurse educators are most proud of the successful onboarding and orientation on 195 RNs and 175 agency RNs in 2021 to support the staffing needs of all our units and promoting the safe delivery of care at the bedside.

Chart: Clinical Hours per Nursing Degree Level

Chart: Clinical Hours Per Nursing Degree Level

Academic Affiliations

JCMC prides itself as an academic institution with a mission of supporting the learning and clinical experiences of undergraduate and graduate students in all areas of healthcare. The Education Center for Professional Development (ECPD) oversees the school affiliation process with our corporate team and the coordination of the clinical experiences. Clinical rotations include both nursing and a broad range of clinical programs of health care professionals. Throughout 2021, the ECPD maintained close communication with our executive leadership team and our academic partners, relaying and enforcing updates to policies and procedures to make certain our students in all specialties were safe and up to date on changes to regulatory guidelines.

In 2021, the ECPD oversaw forty five active school affiliation agreements. Proudly, our organization had a total of 79,998 hours of student clinical hours completed under the preceptor guidance of JCMC and RWJBH employees. Our largest growth in clinical hours was in the Doctorate of Nursing Practice Program, a total of 1,375 precepted student hours, the highest amount tracked in the past four years.

Members of the ECPD, Human Resources and our Executive Nursing Leadership team held recruitment events in 2021 with our academic partners to recruit nursing graduates from our academic partners. We look forward to our continued relationships with our nursing schools and the opportunity to hire from both our nursing and professional studies programs the future workforce of JCMC and RWJBH.

Chart: Total Active Affiliation Agreements with Student Placements

Chart: Total Affiliation Agreements with Student PlacementsChart: Clinical Rotations: Total Hours by Degree

Chart: Clinical Rotations: Total Hours by Degree

Practice Transition Accreditation Program (PTAP)

The Practice Transition Accreditation Program, also known as the Nurse Residency Program, prepares nurses for the successful transition from the role of student nurse to the role of competent, confident, professional nurse. The nine-month nurse residency program is designed for nurses with less than one year of nursing experience. The program is based on the requirements of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) Practice Transition Accreditation Program standards. Established with our first cohort of nurse residents in September of 2018, our program received “Accreditation with Distinction” honors in February 2020. We are currently preparing for our re-accreditation cycle in 2023. The nurse residency program incorporates the unit-based nursing orientation, planned learning experiences such as simulation, role play, computer-based classes, wellness programs, debriefing sessions, knowledge assessment validations, and skills labs to increase clinical knowledge adaptation. The nurse educators, preceptors, managers, and directors continue to support the learning needs and professional development of our nurse residents by promoting enculturation into our organization by supporting nurse residents to become involved in our councils, our mentorship program, and the nurse differentiated ladder program. In 2021, we welcomed 72 nurse residents into the following participating specialties: Critical Care, Emergency Department, Med-Surgical Units, Surgical Unit, Observation Unit, Post Intensive Care Unit, Behavioral Health, Neonatal Intensive Care, Mother Baby. The Educational Center for Professional Development looks forward to growing its program each year. Congratulations to all our nurse residents on their successful transition into nursing practice.

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