Educational Center for Professional Development

The Educational Center for Professional Development (EDCP) continues to support the education needs of the members of our organization, academic partners, affiliates, and community through a variety of planned learned opportunities. These various opportunities include formal classes, orientation programs, unit based in-services, facilitation of computer based learning, competency validation programs, one-on-one instruction, webinars, and participation in education fairs. This past year presented many challenges as traditional education programs were rapidly changed due to social distancing guidelines and new forms of technology were adapted with flexible scheduling to meet the education, training, and orientation needs of our employees.

The nurse educators actively support the shared governance councils by serving as resources to the council members. The nurse educators are committed to improving the outcomes of our patients by evaluating, developing and guiding the clinical practice of our clinicians. Annually, the ECPD team surveys the nursing and allied staff about their individual learning needs and conducts programs based on the trends of the responses to the survey. The ECPD looks forward to engaging learners from novice to expert in high quality education experiences that support their professional goals and growth.

Chart: Clinical Hours per Nursing Degree Level

Chart: Clinical Hours Per Nursing Degree Level

Academic Affiliations

In 2020, the Educational Center for Professional Development maintained partnerships with 62 academic colleges and universities, inclusive of 25 programs specific to nursing. The ECPD oversees the student coordination for clinical rotations in nursing and a broad range of professional and clinical programs of health care providers. The pandemic of 2020 forced our academic partners to temporally suspend their clinical rotations at our organization. We were challenged to develop safety measures, policies and procedures to resume our academic commitments when allowed by regulatory agencies. Despite these semester interruptions during the pandemic, our employees provided over 50,000 hours of clinical precepting experiences. During the past year the largest increase in our clinical rotations by degree was for our Nurse Practitioner students with 2006 precepted hours compared to 595 precepted hours in 2019.

Practice Transition Accreditation Program (PTAP)

The Nurse Residency Program prepares nurses for the successful transition from the role of student nurse to the role of competent, confident, professional nurse. Our nine-month Nurse Residency Program is based on the requirements of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) “Practice Transition Accreditation Program (PTAP)” and is designed for nurses with less than one year of nursing experience. Throughout this nine month program, Nurse Residents engage in a variety of leaning experiences such as simulation, role play, lectures, and debriefing sessions to build a safe knowledge base. At the end of the Nurse Residency Program, the Nurse Residents are enrolled in the JCMC-RWJBH Mentorship Institute Program, a yearlong program to further support professional and personal growth.

Specialties participating in the Nurse Residency Program included the Emergency Department, Behavioral Health, Post Intensive Care Unit, Observation Unit, Medical Surgical Units, Surgical Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care, Mother Baby, Observation Unit, Intensive Care Unit, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit.

On January 17, 2020 the nursing executive leadership team, educators, directors, managers, patient care coordinators, preceptors, and residents participated in the ANCC Accreditation Survey. Our Nurse Residency Program was awarded “Accreditation with Distinction” by the ANCC for meeting all the ANCC program criteria. During the Accreditation survey call the Nurse Residency Program was highlighted for the thorough training and support provided to the preceptors of the Nurse Residents. In 2020, our program proudly had forty-eight nurse residents participate in the Nurse Residency Program. Congratulations to our Nurse Residents on their successful journey and to all those who supported them throughout their journey!

Chart: Total Active Affiliation Agreements with Student Placements

Chart: Total Affiliation Agreements with Student PlacementsChart: Clinical Rotations: Total Hours by Degree

Chart: Clinical Rotations: Total Hours by Degree

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