Over 7,800 safety enhancements were submitted and completed in our Enterprise Clinical Information Systems.

Pyxis 4K to ES 1.6 Upgrade

In 2022, 3 Acute Care Service Line Facilities upgraded Pyxis 4000 to 1.6 including Med and Anesthesia stations. As part of the 4K to 1.6 upgrade, we implemented Active Directory, which allows Pyxis end users to have a single sign-on using their RWJBH network account to access the devices. In addition, we migrated the facilities to the Consolidated ES server (CONS) which involved

interdisciplinary collaboration with Corporate IT Security, Corporate IT Server/Network and the PMO teams.

BD C2 Safe Upgrade

The C2 Safe provides the hospitals a secure system that monitors and tracks controlled substances and offers inventory

management reports while streamlining regulatory documentation processes. In 2022, 3 Acute Care Service Line facilities (RWJ University Hospital at New Brunswick, Hamilton and Somerset) upgraded their C2 safe from V7 to V9.

BD Drug Diversion Core

Diversion Core is a BD application within BD HealthSight Analytics designed to assist with controlled substance drug diversion

investigations. In September 2022, 5 Acute Care Service Line facilities (CBMC, CMC, CMMC, MMC, NBI) went live with Diversion Core. The full Diversion application will be rolled out to all facilities on Pyxis ES in 2023 or post-Epic go-live.

BD Pyxis Logistics Carousels

Acute Care Service Line facility RWJ University Hospital at New Brunswick swapped older medication carousels to 3 new BD

Logistics carousels in Q4 2022. The carousels and new software will increase efficiencies and patient safety in the medication

inventory process from ordering, receiving, picking and returning of medications for the pharmacy team. Approximately 2100

medications needed to be removed and restocked for a seamless transition from old to new carousels.

Epic Willow

In June 2022, Acute Care Service Line facilities RWJ University Hospital at New Brunswick, Hamilton and Rahway transitioned from their heritage EHR system AllScripts/Sunrise Clinical Manager to Epic Willow. The new clinical information system was implemented to existing departments already on Allscripts along with areas previously documenting on paper or a standalone EHR. Over 70

Pharmacists across the system helped with the backload the day before go-live. A multidisciplinary team assisted with the build and validation efforts leading to a successful go-live for these facilities in Wave 3.

In Q4 2022, Epic_Pyxis Host Conversion testing began with local IT pharmacy and Willow teams for Wave 4 sites (BHBHC, CMC, JCMC, MMC, MSC).

Epic Willow Ambulatory

In October 2022, Clara Maass Medical Center Retail Pharmacy transitioned from QS1 to Willow Ambulatory.