Same Day Hip Replacement (Cooperman Barnabas)

For This one-day hip replacement, you needn’t pack a toothbrush.

Timothy Henderson, MD, an orthopedic surgeon from The Joint Institute at Cooperman Barnabas Medical Center, will discuss the myriad of treatment options available to address hip pain up to and including minimally-invasive, same day hip replacement surgery.

What makes Dr. Henderson’s self-developed same day hip replacement unique is a special piece of equipment called the Athello that allows him to manipulate the hip, leg and knee so that there is no need to cut through any muscle or tendon, as is required with standard techniques.

Hip replacement typically puts a lot of stress on the knee joint as well, because the surgeon has to rotate the leg to the point where the foot is almost pointing backward. Not so with the Athello. It has a patented knee stabilizing system that protects the knee ligaments during external rotation.

Dr. Henderson also uses real-time X-rays during the procedure to ensure that all the bone angles and lengths are accurate and identical to the other hip. After performing about 400 such procedures, he can now replace a hip in a little over an hour.

Lean more about the Same Day Hip Procedure.

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