Our Board and Staff

  • Board of Trustees


Foundation Board Members at Community Medical Center

Mr. Jarrod Grasso, Chair
Mr. Nicholas Pagano, Vice Chair
Mr. Joseph Lebel, III, Treasurer
Lauren Dooley, Esq., Secretary


Mr. Rolando Acosta
Mr. Mark Angelo
Scott Beck, DC, DICCP
Mr. Keith Buscio
Mr. Christopher Cowan
Mrs. Christine Cox West
Mr. D.J. D’Onofrio
Mr. Ronald Gaboury
Mr. Steven Green
Mr. Joseph Kiernan
Mr. Brian Masterson
Ms. Tammi Millar
Mr. Gary Morrison
Ms. Casey Mundry
Mrs. Judith Schmidt


Mr. Jerry Boisseau
Mr. Zev Rosen

Patrick Ahearn
Chief Executive Officer
Community Medical Center

  • Our Staff

Main Telephone Number: (732) 557-8131

Jennifer Shufran
Vice President for Development
e-mail: Jennifer.Shufran@rwjbh.org

Allison Clemente
Director of Development
e-mail: Allison.Clemente@rwjbh.org

Kelly Servodio
Development Manager
email: kelly.servodio@rwjbh.org

Patient Stories

  • “Consider stepping outside of your comfort zone and make a stretch gift that is meaningful to you.”

    Rolando “Roly”
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  • "I had a fabulous experience and I am recovering well. I had planned on taking a three month trip across the country but held off because of my hip. Now, I don’t hurt anymore, I feel great and I am ready...Grand Canyon here I come!”

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  • "You never know when illness or injury may affect you or a loved one. When it does, having the best care, close to home is invaluable."

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Patient Stories

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  • Watch Testimonial
  • Watch Testimonial