Community Medical Center Auxiliary Association

Supporting the hospital since 1954

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Our Proud History
The Community Medical Center Auxiliary Association was founded in 1954 when 200 women attended a Tea at the Toms River Town Hall to discuss the need for a hospital in central Ocean County. In just four months, this purposeful group of woman created nineteen local groups, called Auxiliary Twigs to raise funds to meet the health care needs of this rapidly growing area.

In 1961, thanks to the Auxiliary efforts, Community Memorial Hospital opened its doors to the very first patient.

Join Our Auxiliary

You can make a difference! The Auxiliary has raised more than $10 million to provide for vital needs including:

  • Infant hearing screening equipment
  • Mammography over-reading machine
  • DEXA bone density machine
  • Renovations to the J. Phillip Citta Regional Cancer Center
  • Renovations to the Emergency Department

Auxiliary membership is open to everyone. Dues are $5.

Become a member of an existing Twig, or create your own with a group of six or more. Auxiliary volunteer opportunities are also available at the hospital Gift Shop or the Second Time Around Consignment. There are about 250 current members with active twigs in Holiday City Berkeley, Island Heights and other Toms River neighborhoods.

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Each Auxiliary Twig is self-governing, holds its own meetings, and selects activities.

Auxiliary-wide projects include the operation of the hospital's Gift Shop and Community's own Second Time Around Consignment and Thrift Shop -- located just off Route 37 West at 200 Corporate Circle in Toms River’s Corporate Park North. The Auxiliary also sponsors the hospital’s Coffee Shop and a Baby Photo service for new parents. Each May, our Auxiliary’s efforts are recognized at the Annual Auxiliary Tea -- open to every member, and sponsored by the Community Medical Center Foundation – a tradition which honors its proud beginnings.

  • Founding Members’ Auxiliary Statement of Purpose
    We sincerely believe it is more than a mere building we are erecting. It is a hospital for the care of those who cannot take care of themselves; It is a community project, wherein everyone has an opportunity to help in making ours a better neighborhood in which to live and enjoy living; And finally, it is an eternal monument to the joy of accomplishment that comes through neighborliness and cooperation.

Today, the essence of this statement still rings true for our Auxilians. More than bricks and mortar, our Medical Center is a provider of life and care to those who turn to Community Medical Center for help.

30th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony

Community Medical Center Auxiliary Association
Monday, November 20, 2023

We are especially grateful to our Tree Top Donors who have contributed in memory or in honor of the following:

  • Mark and Darcy Angelo
    In memory of: Dr. and Mrs. Salvatore Angelo
  • Mark & Arlene Montenero
    In memory of: Sylvestro Montenero
  • Paul Rhine
    In memory of: Robert J. Bennett Jr.
  • Judith Schmidt
    In memory of: Jones, Bartell and Schmidt Family
  • Mr. & Mrs. Peter Van Dyke
    In memory of: Rev. A. G. Van Dyke & Jane Van Dyke

Star Giver

  • George & Danna Arvanitis - In honor of Dante Gabriel Dela Cruz, Jr.
  • William and Kirby Ann Clegg - In memory of past Clegg and Jones family members
  • CMC Medical Staff - In memory of Eduardo Tinio, MD
  • Sally Gaunnt - In memory of Phili[ L.Gauntt, Carol & Scott Wickel, & Corey Brunner
  • Joseph Gluck, MD - In honor of Louis Gluck, MD
  • Marie E. Hawkins - In honor of Mr. & Mrs. Burghardt
  • Terri & Brian Kubiel - In memory of Roden S. Lightbody
  • John Oughton, III - In memory of all that have served
  • David & Lauren Rosen
  • Bernadette H. Schoch
  • The Shufran Family - In memory of Jennifer Poulos

Point of Light

  • Joyce Bocchino
  • Judith Bowers - In memory of Peter C. Bowers
  • Deborah Caputo - In honor of Josephine & Vincent Caputo & Donna Verhoest
  • Debra Ann Corsi - In honor of Frank Corsi
  • Elizabeth Ferraioli- In honor of Mark Ferraioli, Helen & Rudolph Rizzotti
  • Heidi Kleit - Benn & Herto Logemann
  • George & Sue Steinhauser - Mary & Joseph McTighe & George & Dorothy Steinhauser
  • Patricia Jacob - The members of the Jacob & Tiedeck Families
  • Kathy Moellering - In memory of Eleanor Kamienski
  • The Sycamore Twig - In Honor of the members of the Sycamore Twig

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